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How much does a Transmission replacement cost?

The cost to replace a transmission on a vehicle depends much on vehicle make and model. The cost of replacement ranges anywhere from $2,000-$7,000. It is one of the most expensive single components of any vehicle, along with the engine.

Average Repair Cost

What is a Transmission?

The transmission is one of the largest and most essential systems of any vehicle. It takes power, generated by the engine, and transfers it to your wheels. Without it, the vehicle would not move.

A vehicle with an automatic transmission uses a torque converter to shift between different gear settings. The clutch and gear shift do the same thing in a manual transmission. The transmission’s valve body helps control the changing of gears through a series of channels and passages which activate the appropriate clutch pack. That pressure is provided by the torque converter which uses a fan-like pump (impeller) to force transmission fluid through a turbine. This spins the turbine, drives the transmission, and ultimately moves your wheels. Cooling lines circulate that fluid through the radiator or a transmission oil cooler, dispersing the heat that’s built up during this process. The whole system is tightly sealed and needs an uninterrupted supply of transmission fluid to work.


  • Check engine light
    Certain transmission issues will trigger your check engine light, but one of our mechanics will need to check the diagnostic codes to track the real source.
  • Slipping when gears change
    Gear changes that are no longer smooth (e.g. slipping or lurching) are common with most transmission issues.
  • Fluid leaks or low fluid levels
    Losing transmission fluid is a red flag – literally – because it’s red. Drops or puddles of this red fluid under your car are your clearest sign of trouble. So is an unexplained decrease in your levels of transmission fluid. That means there’s a leak somewhere even if you’re not seeing any evidence. N
  • Noises when you shift
    A clunking or banging noise when you shift could mean a bad valve body. A whirring noise might be your torque converter.

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How urgent are Transmission repairs?

If you think there might be anything wrong with your transmission, we would advise you have it checked and assessed right away. Sometimes a smaller transmission symptom or issue if addressed early on can save you from having to replace the entire transmission. We recommend taking in your vehicle to one of our expert repair shops if you doubt there may be any type of issue with the transmission.

How long is a Transmission's lifespan?

The transmission of any vehicle is covered under the powerstrain warranty. Basically this means they are guaranteeing that the transmission will not fail under normal circumstances before a specific mileage or time interval. This varies depending on manufacturer make and model. The powertrain warranty may cover 36,000-100,000 miles. In general though, as long as you maintain your vehicle and service the transmission fluid based on the manufacturer's recommendation, the transmission should last close to the life of the vehicle.