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How much does a Suspension repair cost?

Your suspension has many different parts so the cost of repair or replacement varies a lot. A suspension repair can range from $200-$2,000 depending on the scope of the repair and the type of vehicle.

Average Repair Cost

What is a vehicle's Suspension?

The suspension system connects a vehicle to its steering system and wheels. It’s made up of tires, springs, shocks (or struts), and linkages and it enables steering as well as absorbs shock while driving. When you’re on a rough, bumpy road, your suspension prevents damage to your vehicle and keeps your ride relatively smooth.

The springs and shocks take on most of the burden, reducing impact. Meanwhile, your strut-mount, ball joints, and a few other elements allow your suspension to travel up and down freely as well as connect your wheels to the steering parts. They’re also the components that break down first and need replacing the most. But other parts like springs and steering mounts may last the whole life of your vehicle.

Suspension issues symptoms

What are common symptoms of Suspension problems?

  • Vehicle ride height
    When turning, you feel your vehicle excessively leaning to one side.
  • Bumpy rides
    When you’re on rough terrains, the ride is abnormally bumpy.
  • Steering problems
    If your steering feels loose, non-responsive, or difficult, this could be an issue with your suspension.
  • Weird sounds
    A knocking, clicking, or grinding sound originating from your wheels may point to a problem in your suspension.

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How urgent are Suspension repairs?

The moment you recognize symptoms of a failing suspension, have one of our specialists inspect it immediately. It could save your life AND your wallet (cause surrounding parts are often affected).

What are common Suspension maintenance issues?

Common issues with your suspension include worn shocks or struts, worn ball joints, worn strut mounts, or worn bushings. If you hear weird sounds such as knocks or clunks over bumps, this could be a warning sign that you have worn suspension parts.