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How much does a Power Steering repair cost?

Because there are different power steering systems, primarily hydraulic and electric, and many different components for those systems, the range of power steering repairs are very broad. This can range from $100-$2,000 depending on these factors and vehicle make and model.

Average Repair Cost

What is Power Steering?

Power steering in a vehicle is a system for reducing your steering effort by using an external power source to assist in turning the wheels such as a hydraulic or electric pump.


What are the common symptoms of Power Steering problems??

  • Excess noise
    A whining noise while you’re turning can indicate a problem with the steering pump or the belt that runs it.
  • Movement
    If steering seems to slip a little in mid-turn or it’s progressively harder to turn your car’s steering wheel, a power steering issue may be the cause.
  • Fluid leak
    A small puddle of fluid collecting under your car after it’s been parked for a while could mean a steering fluid leak.

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How urgent are Power Steering repairs?

If your power steering fails or has some sort of malfunction, it will make driving very difficult. It is not a safety issue, however it can essentially down your vehicle to a point where you are stuck or stranded. We recommend if there is some sort of issue, or you suspect there might be an issue based on common symptoms, you take it to one of our expert repair shops so it can be checked and addressed.

How long is are Power Steering components lifespan?

Most components in the power steering system will last more than 100,000 miles. The key to getting a long life out of your power steering, is making sure to maintain it. Check your vehicle's manufacturer specification on how often you should be flushing or draining and filling your system's fluid (if it has fluid).