Need Your Engine Cooling System Fixed?

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How much does an Engine Cooling system repair cost?

A cooling system repair has a broad range and heavily depends on what needs to be serviced or replaced. Such repair can cost anywhere from $100 for a coolant flush/service to $800 for a more involved water pump.

Average Repair Cost

What is an Engine Cooling system?

The cooling system in a vehicle (water pump, coolant, radiator, coolant hoses) dissipates this heat, steering it around the engine as needed. When the engine runs at its optimal temperature, its life is prolonged and you’ll have lower emissions and better mileage.

The blood of the cooling system is the coolant, a liquid made up of water, anti-freeze, and a few other ingredients that lubricates the engine system and prevents corrosion. The coolant pump or "water pump" circulates and pushes coolant through the engine block and cylinder heads, then through a set of hoses to your radiator. As the coolant passes through the radiator, the air flowing across its system of tubes and fins whisks away the excess heat. The coolant then goes back into your engine and the cycle repeats.


What are common symptoms of Engine Cooling system problems?

  • Engine runs hot
    If the temperature gauge suddenly spikes for no reason, that's a clear indication something’s up with your cooling system.
  • Engine temperature light comes on
    A higher temperature on the gauge is how your car tells you there’s a cooling problem. The engine temperature light is how it tells you that information/warning
  • Steam from the engine
    Either your radiator cap isn’t making a good seal or one of your hoses is leaking.
  • Low coolant level
    There’s a see-through coolant reservoir in most cars with separate lines showing the appropriate level for when the engine’s hot and when it's cold. If it isn't at the right level, you might be losing fluid somewhere.
  • A puddle in your driveway
    Something pooling under your car can be an early sign of a cooling issue. If the puddle is green or red, it could be a fluid leak.

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How urgent are Engine Cooling system repairs?

If there is a clear malfunction or failure somewhere in the cooling system, it needs to be addressed right away. Any part of the system effects the rest of the system and its ability to keep the engine running within the normal range of operating temperature. If your engine is not able to run at the temperature it needs to, this severely increases the risk of catastrophic engine failure as a result. We would recommend that you bring your vehicle to one of our expert repair shops if you believe there to be something wrong with your vehicle's cooling system.

How long is the Cooling System's lifespan?

Your cooling system is designed to work for your vehicle, and work efficiently. Climate for example can effect the lifespan of the cooling span and related components. If you live in a hotter climate, the cooling system has to work incredibly hard to keep things cool for your vehicle. This can put additional stress, pressure, and wear on a vehicle. Normal wear and tear also directly have a hand to play. To help extend the life of your cooling system, we highly recommend you service your coolant according to your vehicle's manufacturer specifications. Most vehicles in general do not have many cooling related problems between 80,000-100,000 miles.