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How much does a Clutch replace cost?

The cost of replacing a clutch on a vehicle can range from $500-$1,200 for an equivalent replacement to that which originally came with the car.

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What is a Clutch?

A clutch helps to connect two or more rotating shafts. In a vehicle with a manual transmission however, the clutch connects together the shaft coming from the engine and the shaft that turns the wheels.


  • Movement issues
    The engine revs, but the car doesn't move like it should or doesn’t move at all.
  • Gear issues
    There’s trouble getting into gears, primarily into or out of reverse and third gear, or the gears grind during shifting.
  • Clutch issues
    The clutch either releases too soon without a lot of pressure on the pedal or it sticks. Or maybe it touches the floor and won’t come back up.
  • Pedal issues
    The clutch pedal feels different, like spongy or soft. It could also be chattering or vibrating

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How urgent are Clutch repairs?

Without a properly working clutch in a manual transmission vehicle, it’s more or less impossible to drive. It is a core essential integral part of how your vehicle shifts from gear to gear. Plus, driving with it partially broken or excessively worn clutch will cause additional damage to other related parts to the vehicle, such as the fly wheel, transmission gearbox, or starter motor.

How long is a Clutch's lifespan?

Vehicle clutches wear out, as they are one of the most used components of a manual transmission vehicle. So during a vehicle’s lifespan, you will probably have to replace it at least once. Usually the lifespan of a clutch on a vehicle ranges between 50,000-100,000. The majority of what will determine how long it will last is driver shifting habits and quality of clutch.