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How much does a Brake repair cost?

The entire brake system consists of many important parts so repairs can range from $150 for minor adjustments to $1,650 for a complete system overhaul.

Average Repair Cost

Want to learn more about Brakes?

Most modern cars have disc brakes on the front and rear wheels. But there are some cars that still have drum style brakes on the rear. Then there’s the parking brake which is often only attached to the back wheels.


What are common symptoms of Brake problems?

  • Vibration
    Does the brake pedal, steering wheel, or entire vehicle shake when you press the brake pedal? It could indicate an unevenly worn rotor or loose component.
  • Brake Pedal
    If the brake pedal is stuck almost to the floor or sits too high and tight, it often means a possible leak or clogs in the hydraulic brake lines, master cylinder, or brake boosters.
  • Abnormal noises
    If there’s a high squealing or low grinding noise that only happens when the brake pedal is pushed, there may be worn rotors or pads.
  • Pull, grab, or drag
    You press the brake pedal and the car pulls to the left or the right, or seems to grab on the front or drag on the rear. This could be an imbalance in the brake system (e.g. uneven wear) or a problem in either one or two of the brake lines. The third option is a failing brake caliper.

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How urgent are Brake repairs?

Any type of brake malfunction is absolutely a safety related concern and should be addressed as soon as possible. According to a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration 2015 report, faulty brakes accounted for approximately 10,000 auto accidents in the US in the three-years studied. So faulty brakes are serious!! If you suspect a significant problem in any of the brake components, have your car towed - not driven- to an expert. Safety first!

What are common Brake issues?

Most key components – master cylinder, brake lines, electronic ABS module – are designed to last a car’s entire lifetime. But the life spans of brake pads, rotors, and calipers vary due to many factors, most importantly terrain and driving style. Someone who does a lot of hard braking or drives on hilly or mountainous roads might get only 30,000 miles before needing to replace one more parts.