Need to Know Why Your Engine Is Losing Power?

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How much does a Loss of Engine Power repair cost?

The average cost for repair can range anywhere from $150 for a minor ignition coil replacement to $2,500 for an engine rebuild.

Average Repair Cost

Want to learn more about Loss of Engine Power?

Loss of Engine Power can be caused by several different issues. One of the most common of these is "Limp Mode". This happens typically when the car detects some sort of malfunction, this is usually followed by a check engine light on the dashboard. Determining the cause of the malfunction light on the dashboard is key. Until this is identified and fixed, the car will feel very sluggish, and it will feel like there is a major lack of power, especially when accelerating.

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How urgent is a Loss of Engine Power?

Engine power loss is a major concern. It can be dangerous if you need to accelerate out of harmfull situations so driving under these circumstances is never recommended. The first step to getting the problem fixed and to prevent further damage to your engine would be to have a diagnosis completed by a qualified mechanic.