Need to Know Why Your Check Engine Light Is On?

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How much does a Check Engine Light Repair cost?

In order to get your Check Engine Light checked AND diagnosed, typically the range of the cost is about 1/2 to 1 hour of time. This translates to a range of around $60-$140. The repair of the failed component however that is causing the CEL ranges from $75 for a diagnostic and replacement of the fuel cap that isn't sealing properly to $600 for one of the more expensive sensors of the vehicle. The nice thing is in most cases but not all, the repair shop will attempt to roll the price of the diagnostic into the cost of the repair it ends up being if the work is completed at that shop. Some shops will however charge separate regardless, because often times the time spent in order to find the actualy problem with your vehicle may end up being several hours. In any case, the repair shop will always disclose how much the diagnostic will be up front, and any additional time necessary that carries additional charges will need to be authorized in advance before hand.

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Want to learn more about your Check Engine Light?

A Check Engine Light (CEL) is your vehicle’s way of telling you something’s wrong with it, specifically related to the engine and extensions of the engine such as sensors and switches. In order to understand what component has caused the malfunction, you need to bring the vehicle to a repair shop so that they can first pull "DTC'S" or diagnostic trouble codes. After this, they need to check the cooresponding systems both with specialized auto computer equipment and follow a set procedure on identifying the specific problem for the malfunction. Often the repair shop will charge a diagnostic fee, but will be willing to roll this fee into the cost of the repair if the repair is completed at the same repair shop.

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How urgent is a Check Engine Light?

A flashing Check Engine Light (CEL) usually is an indicator of more of a major problem, or a problem that will cause the car to run very poorly and cause Engine Power Loss. A steady CEL light usually means it’s less urgent but still should be checked whenever possible as it is an indication that something is not working the way it should. The goal is to have it checked regardless so that whatever is broken, not functioning as it should can be fixed right away. Even if things don't start our being major or serious, leaving the CEL and not addressing it will in many cases cause a "little something" to turn into a "big something". Bring it to one of our expert repair shops now to have it taken care of.