Need Your Strut Mount Fixed?

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What does it cost to replace the Strut Mount?

The vibrations caused by a failing suspension system could ignite a myriad of problems. If the mount that connects your shocks/struts to your vehicle goes, you’ll get all kinds of weird noises and handling issues. Replacing a strut mount ranges from $200-$500

Average Repair Cost

How does the Strut Mount work?

The strut mount (as the name implies) is a mount that connects the suspension strut to the body of the vehicle. Its secondary job is to insulate and reduce the amount of noise coming from tires and vibration. Without it, the suspension system has no way to reduce the stress and noise coming from road impact.

As your vehicle hit bumps or potholes, resulting energy pushes and pulls at the strut mount. Like the shock, the mount reduces the jarring effect as well as the impact that causes damage or an uncomfortable ride.

A lot of front struts also contain a bearing or bearing plate that acts as a steering pivot, giving the driver better control over their vehicle.


  • Steering noises
    Noises such as popping, snapping, or groaning while you drive could stem from issues with your strut mount.
  • Stiff wheel
    Although not as commonifficulty turning the wheel while steering could be connected to your strut mount.
  • Suspension noises
    Common noises related to strut mount issues include rattling on bumpy roads and clunky sounds.

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How urgent are Strut Mount repairs?

A faulty strut mount is not a safety issue, but more of a quality of ride issue. When the strut mount gets excessively worn out, the noise and roughness over bumps will not make for a pleasant ride. Beyond that it is not a safety concern. However, if left in a faulty state for a longer period of time, this can directly wear out and effect the other parts of your suspension system. We recommend taking your vehicle to one of our expert repair shops sooner rather than later, because if you wait too long, it may turn into a more expensive fix and repair than what it would be now.