Need Your Coil Spring Fixed?

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What does it cost to Replace a Coil Spring?

Normally when a coil spring fails, it fails due to a very bad impact to the wheel or it fails based on excessive wear over time. Normally though if one fails, we recommend you consider replacing at least two. The reason being, if your vehicle has at least 50,000 miles and you replace one only, the stress and wear of the other side will in many cases cause issues with that opposite side suspension and coil spring. The normal cost to replace a pair of coil springs ranges from $400-600.

Average Repair Cost

How does the Coil Spring work?

The coil springs in a vehicle's suspension system look just like any other spring. When a vehicle goes over a bump, the shock absorber absorbs most of the impact as the vehicle goes up, and the spring then compresses back down to help push the wheel back down to the even surface.


  • Uneven ride height
    A slight tilt in ride vehicle ride height when driving can be a warning sign of a spring issue.
  • Excessive bouncing
    Feeling a bouncier ride while driving is usually related to your coil springs and shock absorbers/struts.

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How urgent are Coil Spring repairs?

A worn coil spring can be a safety issue. If your experiencing a little bit of a bumpier ride that normal, it is always a good idea to have your vehicle checked. If however a piece if broken on a coil spring, often times at the base, this could potentially cause the spring to dislodge and possible cut into the tire causing a blowout. It really depends, a worn out coil spring is not as severe as a broken coil spring.