Need Your Shock or Strut Fixed?

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What does it cost to repair the Shock and Strut?

A worn-out shock or strut could easily lead to issues with your strut mount, spring, and ball joints. It’s less likely that your spring will incur serious damage, but it’s still possible. Replacing all four shock absorbers and struts in a suspension system can cost you $1,000-$1,500 dollars (for regular vehicles) and $1,500-$3,500 (for luxury rides). If your ball joints become run down as a result of faulty shocks and struts, it can cost up to $250 for a single replacement and over $1,000 to replace all four.

Average Repair Cost

How does the Shock and Strut work?

People often mistake a shock and a strut for being the same thing. They have similar functions but their designs are different and they’re not interchangeable. When you go over a bump or hit a pothole, the shock or strut saves your car from most of the impact by absorbing it internally.

Shocks, or "shock absorbers" bolt onto cars. They have a hydraulic piston that works with pressurized hydraulic fluid that acts to cushion and soften the feel or jounce when driving over a bumpy road. Where as a shock bolts onto a vehicle, a strut sits inside and supports a vehicles coil spring. It is more of a integral structure of a vehicles suspension and it helps also to hold the tire and wheel in place.


  • Vibrating wheels
    If you can feel your wheels shaking as you drive, this could be due to an issue with your shocks or struts.
  • Cupped tires
    A pattern of alternating hills and valleys appears on your tires because there's more pressure in some areas than others.
  • Bottoming out on rough roads
    When there's a lot of stress or load on your suspension, you hit the extreme compression limit and you'll literally hit the bottom.
  • Front end dives
    This is when you suddenly brake and you feel the front of your vehicle dip forwards.
  • Bouncy ride
    Any up and down motion that seems out of the norm could be a shock/strut issue.
  • Knocking sounds
    If you hear this when you go over a bump, it might be a shock/strut problem.

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How urgent are shock and strut repairs?

It’s super important that you fix your shocks or struts as soon as you notice anything. You could easily damage the surrounding components and pay a lot more in repairs. But more important than costs, faulty shocks/struts could cause a serious accident if you aren’t careful. Remember, if your suspension is no longer functioning properly, the whole vehicle takes on more strain and pressure from bumps and rough roads than it was designed for.