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What does it cost to replace the Steering Rack & Pinion?

Replacing the steering rack & pinion costs from $750-$1,800. It heavily depends on the make and model of your vehicle and the type of steering (conventional power steering, electric power steering, electric power steering with additional systems, etc...)

Average Repair Cost

How does the Steering Rack & Pinion work?

The steering rack & pinion is the core piece of your vehicle's steering system. It is an assembly that consists of the pinion gear that connects with your steering wheel and the shaft that comes down from the steering wheel. It is also a metal tube type of casing, where there are ends on both sides. These ends are where the inner tie rod ends (separate parts in some cases from the assembly) connect to, that ultimately connect the steering rack and pinion and gear to the tires and wheels.


  • Dead spots or inconsistent steering
    If your steering seems to miss in one particular position or your car changes direction when you’re not moving the wheel, the teeth in your rack may be wearing down.
  • Stiff/noisy steering
    If your steering rack & pinion is leaking, this could cause low fluid in the system, causing it to be noisy when your turning while driving.
  • Clunking noise when you steer
    Sometimes the mounting bolts holding your rack and pinion in place can break. The result? Loose steering and a clunking noise when you turn.
  • Free drifting back and forth while driving
    When a steering rack & pinion is failing internally, sometimes in the later stages it will cause a free swaying feeling, where your vehicle will drift freely back and forth while driving.

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How urgent are Steering Rack & Pinion repairs?

If your steering rack & pinion fails it can cause you to either lose your power steering, or it could cause you to lose your steering all together in the car. If you are experiencing any symptoms that could possibly relate back to a failing steering rack & pinion, we recommend you bring it to one of our expert repair shops right away to have it checked and replaced if necessary.