Need Your Power Steering Pump Fixed?

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What does it cost to replace a Power Steering Pump?

Replacing a power steering pump ranges from $350 for an older model car with conventional pump and easy access to $2,500 for one of the more expensive electric pumps.

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How does the Power Steering Pump work?

The Power Steering Pump is the heart of your power steering system. It’s what makes it easy to turn your steering wheel. Your steering works by applying pressure to fluid via a pump. When you turn your steering wheel, it rotates a torsion rod which opens or closes valves inside the pump. When the valve opens, power steering fluid moves from the pump to a piston. That moves your rack and pinion to one side or the other. Some newer model cars have fully electric power steering pumps. These work as an electric power assist motor that rotates the pinion gear based on steering wheel sensors that are read as you turn the steering wheel back and forth.


  • Stiff steering
    If it’s getting progressively getting harder to steer your vehicle, big red flag! It might be your power steering pump or another part of your power steering system that is failing.
  • Steering gets noisy
    The most common noise of a failing power steering pump is a whining noise that is more pronounced when turning the steering wheel back and forth. This is usually an indicator of internal failure of a power steering component such as a pump or a lack of fluid in the system
  • Visible leaks
    A drip pooling under the front of your car after it's been sitting for a while can be a crucial warning, especially if you have any of the other symptoms. It might be a leak from your pump or another part of your power steering system.

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How urgent are Power Steering repairs?

Power steering is very important. If a component fails, it becomes incredibly difficult and borderline impossible to drive the vehicle any length of distance. A failed power steering pump often puts a car at a standstill and can cause you to get stuck having to tow it for repair. We recommend when any of the common symptoms present themselves, have it checked by one of our expert repair shops to prevent further damage to the vehicle.