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What does it cost to repair the Oxygen (O2) Sensor?

An O2 sensor replacement price ranges from $200-$600.

Average Repair Cost

How does the Oxygen (O2) Sensor work?

The O2 sensor monitors how much unburned oxygen is in the exhaust as it leaves the engine. They’re typically mounted before and after the catalytic converter so the vehicle's engine computer can gauge and monitor the efficiency of the system. The computer then uses input from the O2 sensors to regulate the fuel mixture, changing the air/fuel blend ratio as needed. For your car to run smoothly and efficiently, it requires the right mix of fuel and air to the engine’s cylinders. If there’s too much fuel or too much oxygen, you won’t achieve the ideal engine performance or fuel economy. If things are way off, it can also cause both short term and long term damage to the vehicle's engine and systems.


  • Check engine light
    A faulty O2 sensor can cause a check engine light to come on
  • Poor gas mileage
    Because the O2 Sensor's job is to help send feedback to the vehicle's engine computer to regulate the fuel to air mix, a faulty O2 sensor will lead to poor fuel economy.
  • Rough operation
    When there is an O2 sensor not working, it can cause the vehicle to run rough.

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How urgent is an Oxygen (O2) Sensor repair?

A faulty O2 sensor is not reason for fear of unsafe driving. It is not a safety issue. It is something that will however lead to poor vehicle performance. Poor fuel economy, poor running condition and unhealthy for engine performance for the long term. We would still recommend to replace a faulty O2 sensor whenever possible to ensure the quality of your vehicle and engine systems.