Need Your Exhaust Manifold Fixed?

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What does it cost to replace the Exhaust Manifold

Replacement of the exhaust manifold ranges from $600-$1,000. The difference in price greatly depends on the time and labor involved in regards to the specific make and model of your vehicle.

Average Repair Cost

How does the Exhaust Manifold work?

The exhaust manifold connects your engine to the rest of the exhaust system. It basically collects a all of the hot gases (which are a result of small, controlled explosions created rapidly in the cylinders) and brings them together in a single tube. These gases need to be “exhausted” or removed from the engine. From the exhaust manifold, the gases move through the rest of your exhaust system and come out of the tailpipe into the air outside

Generally, it’s made from cast iron though steel or aluminum is occasionally used to lessen the car’s weight.


  • Noise
    There’s a ticking or tapping noise especially when you're accelerating or going uphill.
  • Loss of power
    You’ll have less power and acceleration if there’s a loss of pressure in the system due to a failed or cracked exhaust manifold
  • Reduced mileage
    A loss of pressure to the exhaust system makes things greatly inefficient, causing a reduction of gas mileage.
  • A smell of exhaust
    The exhaust manifold is typically located directly under the driver of a vehicle. If it fails much of those fumes can work its way to the cabin and smell very bad, and be very much a health hazard to those in the cabin of the vehicle.

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How urgent are Exhaust Manifold repairs?

Exhaust gases are toxic. so breathing them into your lungs while riding in the vehicle's cabin is very unhealthy and incredibly dangerous. We recommend taking it to one of our expert repair shops right away. In addition to the health hazards, engine power loss and higher gasoline costs due to the drop in fuel economy are not things anyone wishes to deal with.