Need Your Exhaust Muffler Fixed?

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What does it cost to replace an Exhaust Muffler?

Replacing a vehicle's muffler highly depends on make and model. The price ranges from $400-$1,000 typically on average though.

Average Repair Cost

How does the Exhaust Muffler work?

The exhaust muffler of a vehicle reduces the noise level of noise emitted by an exhaust system.


  • Loud exhaust noise
    If your exhaust muffler is leaking, when you hit run the vehicle and especially when you hit the gas, it will be much louder than normal.
  • Loss fuel economy
    If the exhaust is not freely flowing through the end of your exhaust system, this restriction hurts gas mileage.
  • Bad smell of gas fumes
    Even though the exhaust muffler is towards the rear of the vehicle underneath, if there are fumes that are escaping the exhaust before it has reached the end of the system primarily being the tail pipe. This is not good as harmful gases to come out of the exhaust prematurely.
  • Dragging noise
    If your exhaust muffler hanger, which is the thing that helps hold the exhaust upwards on the vehicle breaks, the muffler might start hanging too low to the ground, which might lead to the rear exhaust pieces to drag on the pavement.

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How urgent are Exhaust Muffler repairs?

A leaking or busted exhaust muffler is not a safety issue. It will be incredibly annoying, your gas mileage will go down, and you might smell a little bit of fumes that are in no way healthy. Because of the position of the muffler in the exhaust system, it being all the way in the rear, it is not as much of a priority, but I do not think anyone enjoys a car that is overly loud everytime you go to accelerate while driving.