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What does it cost to replace Spark Plugs?

Usually replacements are $100 to $300 depending on the year, make, model, and number of cylinders in your engine.

Average Repair Cost

How do Spark Plugs work?

A spark plug is the component in the ignition system that delivers a spark to the combustion chamber, igniting the air-fuel mix in the cylinder. There’s one spark plug per cylinder, so a four-cylinder engine has four, a six-cylinder has six, and an eight-cylinder has eight for example.

Spark plugs are basically a metal core wrapped in a ceramic insulator. They’re screwed into the cylinder head with the bottom extending into the combustion chamber. The core conducts the electric pulse sent from the ignition system from the top of the plug to electrodes on the bottom. The gap between the electrodes is a specific width, and as the pulse jumps the gap between the electrodes… Whoosh! A spark! This spark ignites the air-fuel mix in the chamber and creates an explosion. This explosion under pressure is the combustion that powers your engine.


  • Hard starting
    Worn or carbon-fouled spark plugs deliver a weak spark. So it takes longer to ignite the air-fuel mixture, resulting in longer crank times before the engine catches.
  • Running rough and misfiring
    A weak or non-firing spark plug won’t be able to ignite the fuel mix in the cylinder. That’s why your car might stumble or hesitate.
  • Poor acceleration
    Spark plugs that are excessively worn deliver weak spark to the inside of the cylinders. So the pick up when accelerating will be greatly weakened,
  • Poor fuel economy
    Worn or fouled spark plugs make the engine work harder, using more fuel to achieve the same amount of power
  • Prominent sulfur smell
    Unburned fuel exiting through the exhaust system has a strong sulfur smell. Dirty or old spark plugs allow the air-fuel mix in the combustion chamber to exit without being burned properly.

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How urgent are Spark Plug repairs?

Depending on the issue and the number of affected spark plugs, you may still be able to drive the vehicle without much risk. If several spark plugs are not functioning properly on your vehicle, it will be difficult to get around, and you will risk damaging other components as well. Spark plugs are critical to the ignition system. Without a spark to create combustion, the engine won't "fire" properly. If one or two spark plugs aren't firing, the engine will be hard to start and won't run very well. We advise going immediately to one of our expert repair shops to have things checked and assessed if there is an issue with your spark plugs.