Need Your Water Pump Fixed?

What are the common symptoms of power steering pump problems?

What does it cost to replace a Water Pump?

A water pump replacement ranges from $300-$800.

Average Repair Cost

How does a Water Pump work?

The water pump is responsible for circulating the coolant throughout the engine of a vehicle. The water pump is mounted to the engine with a gasket between the two surfaces to stop leaks, and uses an impeller which is like metal fan blades, to push the coolant through the system.


  • Overheating or increased operating temperature
    If the water pump isn't doing its job effectively, your car may overheat or your ordinary operating temperature may begin to rise steadily.
  • Coolant leaks
    Coolant dripping from the underside of the engine, pooling on your driveway, or the level in your reservoir going down indicates a potential leak at the pump.
  • Noisy operation
    Sometimes on some vehicles when a water pump is internally failing at its bearings, it will cause it to be VERY loud. So if a car is overheating and your hearing a loud noise at around the same time, chances are your water pump is failing or has almost completely failed.

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How urgent are Water Pump repairs?

A faulty water pump is a safety issue. If it completely fails, you lose all of your coolant and the ability to get the coolant to circulate to cool your engine. When this happens, if you continue driving, the car could stall out, break down, overheat, smoke, and you could lose your engine in addition to getting stranded.. If you see any sign of coolant leakage, get to one of our repair shops right away. You should also go ASAP if your regular operating temperature spikes higher than normal. This could mean your water pump has failed or is about to. Also remember NOT to drive your vehicle if its in a state of overheating. Pull over when it is safe to do so, turn on the vehicle's heat which takes heat away from the engine and wait until the temperature gauge drops down.