Need Your Coolant Serviced?

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What does it cost to service Coolant?

Servicing your coolant ranges from $100-$300, heavily depending on your make and model of vehicle.

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How does Coolant work?

Your engine uses a liquid coolant, also called anti-freeze, to help carry away excess heat. It’s mostly water with additives that increase cooling performance, prevent freezing in the winter, and guards against corrosion and rust in the coolant system of the vehicle.


  • Color change
    If your coolant is getting visibly darker or if its consistency is changing, that could be because of corrosion inside the cooling system.
  • Car is overheating
    If your vehicle is overheating, it is due to some sort of malfunction or issue related to your coolant and cooling system of your vehicle.
  • Puddle under your car
    A greenish (or sometimes red, yellow, or blue) puddle of liquid is a sign of a possible coolant leak.

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How urgent is Coolant service?

Making sure you service your coolant based on your vehicle's manufacturer's recommendation is very important and critical in maintaining your coolant system. As long as it is taken care of as part of the regular maintenance service of your vehicle, your coolant will always perform in the best way possible.