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What does it cost to replace a Radiator?

The radiator is one of the core components on any vehicles cooling system. You can expect to replace one for around $450-$800.

Average Repair Cost

How does a Radiator work?

A radiator's job in a car is to help with the cooling process of the engine coolant otherwise called anti-freeze. Coolant is pumped and travels through the radiator in a zig-zag series of tubes that are just like what’s inside the baseboard heaters used in many houses. This happens in order to dissipate the heat of the coolant. When the coolant has fully traveled through the radiator, heat is absorbed by the radiator's fins and heat is then dissapated into the air.


  • Overheating
    If your radiator is leaking or is blocked internally, it can cause your vehicle to overheat.
  • Slow increase in operating temperature
    Sometimes even if the radiator has not completely failed, if it has a small leak for example, it may cause the coolant to be low but not near empty which might cause a small change (a slight spike) with your temperature gauge on the dashboard.
  • Steam from around radiator cap
    If the pressure inside the radiator or the temperature of the fluid in the radiator is too hot because of radiator failure, sometimes you can see steam or smoke coming out of the radiator cap
  • Engine temperature light comes on
    If coolant is low because of radiator failure, it can cause and often causes the check engine light to come on as a result

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How urgent are Radiator repairs

If your radiator is leaking it can very quickly turn into a severe problem. We urge that if your radiator is leaking or you have a coolant overheating issue to have your vehicle checked as soon as possible. Typically a shop will do a visual inspection and also a coolant pressure test to determine where and if there is a coolant leak.