Need Your Coolant Hoses Fixed?

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What does it cost to repair Coolant Hoses?

The average cost to replace a coolant hose is $100-$150.

Average Repair Cost

How do Coolant Hoses work?

Coolant hoses help a vehicle's coolant circulate to all of the necessary components within the system such as the radiator, water pump, heater core, engine.


  • Coolant level goes down
    Make a point of checking the coolant reservoir whenever your hood is open. If the levels start dropping for no apparent reason, that's a clear warning.
  • Leaks
    You’ll know you have a leak if you see coolant dripping from low points on the hoses or a small pool on your driveway or garage floor. Your hoses are often the culprit.
  • Overheating
    If your car's temperature gauge starts showing higher than average readings, that usually means something’s up with your cooling system. Often, it's the hoses.
  • Visible damage
    If you have the hood open and notice that your hoses look swollen, cracked, or dry, it’s a good sign they’re nearing the end.
  • Steam from the engine
    This is an advanced symptom and happens when pressurized coolant escapes from your engine while it's running. It might be a hose problem, but the radiator cap is also a prime suspect.

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How urgent are coolant hose repairs?

A faulty coolant hose should be taken care of right away. It is a relatively inexpensive repair, but if not taken care of promptly, can lead to other very expensive issues. It is better to replace a coolant hose, rather wait until all the coolant leaks out causes an overheating condition with the vehicle, and then starts damaging things such as the engine.