Need Your Brake's Master Cylinder Fixed?

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What does it cost to replace a Master Cylinder?

Any damage to the master cylinder will often cause problems to other parts of the braking system. Replacing the master cylinder can range anywhere between $400-$700 depending on your make and model.

Average Repair Cost

How does a Brake Master Cylinder work?

The master cylinder converts non-hydraulic pressure into hydraulic pressure. When you step on your car’s brake pedal, hydraulic pressure is propelled through the brake lines which applies pressure to the brake calipers. This causes the brake pads to grab on to the rotors causing you to stop.


  • Soft pedal
    A leaking master cylinder or bad seals may result in a soft or squishy pedal.
  • Abnormal brake behavior
    Any kind of abnormal braking behaviour can be due to a bad master cylinder.
  • Brake warning light
    Sometimes your car can determine abnormalities in the braking system which will set of a brake warning light and/or check engine light.

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How urgent are Brake Master Cylinder repairs?

Anything that says “master” means it’s super critical. Any damage to the master cylinder could render the entire braking system inoperable which is a huge safety concern. If you suspect a serious issue, have your car towed – not driven – to one of our pros.