Need Your set of Brake Rotors Fixed?

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What does it cost to replace a set of Brake Rotors?

The average price for replacing a set of brake rotors (front or rear) is $350-$450.

Average Repair Cost

How do Brake Rotors work?

Brake rotors are the shiny metal discs you see behind the rim or hubcap of a wheel. While driving, it spins in sync with the wheel as one.The rotor is what your brake pads grab onto to slow your vehicle.


  • Vibration/pulsation
    Shaking in the steering wheel or the brake pedal when you step on your brakes is a common sign of worn or warped rotors.

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How urgent are Brake Rotor repairs?

A worn rotor will create less friction and reduce the power needed to stop a moving wheel. So it’s definitely a safety issue. Our advice? Do not drive. Take your car to one of our recommended shops immediately.