Need Your Brake Pads Fixed?

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What does it cost to replace Brake Pads?

We’re pleased to tell you brake pads are one of the simplest and cheapest fixes. Standard front break pads will cost between $150 and $250 depending on the pad material and quality.

Average Repair Cost

How do Brake Pads work?

Brake pads are a vital part of the brake system because they apply pressure and friction to the rotors. That’s what stops your car. When you step on your car’s brake pedal, the master cylinder shoots fluid through hydraulic lines to the calipers located at the wheels. The pressure engages the brake pads inside the calipers. The calipers then squeeze the brake pads around the outside of the rotor to slow and stop the wheels from moving. When you release the pedal, the calipers also let up, allowing the wheel to spin free again.


  • Grinding noise
    If your brake pad materials is fully worn out, metal to metal contact with the rotor will cause a grinding noise, which will be different from partially worn out brake pads which cause a squeaking noise.
  • Pulling
    If your car pulls to one side while driving, it may be an alignment issue. But if the vehicle pulls to one side only when you engage the brake, you might have uneven wear on your pads.
  • Squealing/hissing noise
    This is a sign of worn pads caused by the metal wear indicator rubbing on the rotor. It was actually designed to make this noise when the pads are worn out so consider this your first warning.

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How urgent are faulty or worn Brake Pads?

Worn out or faulty brake pads are a safety issue. If they get too far worn down, it can cause metal to metal to the brake rotor and this can greatly increase risk of accident due to a longer stopping distance. If the brake pads are completely gone, or they completely fail, when pressing the brake pedal, the brake pedal may go all the way down to the floor and the car may not stop at all. We recommend that if you are even hearing squeeking on a regular basis while driving, or if there is a brake light or brake pad wear light on the dashboard to have them checked and replaced if necessary right away.