Need Your Brake Caliper Fixed?

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What does it cost to replace a Brake Caliper?

The average price to replace a brake caliper can range between $200 and $600 depending your car's make and model.

Average Repair Cost

How does a Brake Caliper work?

The brake caliper is the part where your brake pads sit in. When you push down on the brake pedal, brake fluid circulates and pressurizes your calipers, which in turn pushes out a piston (or pistons depending on your model) and pushes your brake pads to the brake rotors. This causes friction and stopping power for the brake system.


  • Drag/Pull
    If a caliper is dried out, seized, broken, or loose, it can feel like “sticky brakes” where the brakes won’t release even if your foot is off the pedal.
  • Hard pedal
    Frozen or tight calipers make it hard to push the brake pedal down entirely.
  • Rust
    Calipers are especially susceptible to rust build-up which severely degrades their performance.
  • Grinding noise
    This is usually a sign of worn out brake pads, but sometimes can be because of rusted rotors or faulty calipers.

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How urgent are Brake Caliper repairs?

A Failed or partially failed brake caliper is absolutely a safety issue. When a caliper completely fails, it causes that wheel to lock up or drag, because the brakes are partially or almost entirely engaged while the rest of the wheels are moving freely. This can cause pulling when pressing the brakes, it can also cause the brakes at the wheel of the failed caliper to heat up so much, they can actually start smoking and in some severe cases catch on fire. Any type of caliper issue should be addressed right away and we recommend bringing it to one of our expert repair shops.