Need Your Radiator Cooling Fan Fixed?

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What does it cost to replace Radiator Cooling Fan?

The cost to replace your radiator cooling fan ranges from $450-$800.

Average Repair Cost

How does a Radiator Cooling Fan work?

The radiator cooling fan of a vehicle does exactly that: it cools the anti-freeze (coolant) traveling through a vehicle's radiator. The coolant in a vehcile is necessary to keep the engine and its working components within optimal operating temperature. The cooling fan works directly with the radiator to accomplish this. It helps cool down the radiator and the anti-freeze that is flowing within.


  • Overheating on the Dashboard
    When the radiator cooling fan is not working, it will cause your vehicle to overheat, which you would normally see as an indication on the vehicle's dashboard.
  • Smoking from Underneath the Hood
    If your radiator cooling fan has failed, under more extreme circumstances, the vehicle may start smoking from underneath the hood.

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How urgent are Radiator Cooling Fan repairs?

A failed radiator cooling fan is something that needs to be addressed right away. It is something urgent and severely important. We would advise you do not drive your vehicle if it is not working, because as soon as your vehicle gets to normal operating temperature, a vital component that maintains this and helps to cooling the vehicle down will not be working. This can quickly result in severe overheating of your vehicle, causing your vehicle to run poorly, suffer catastrophic engine failure, and cause your vehicle to stall, stop, and breakdown.