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What does it cost to replace an Evaporator?

Your air conditioning system is highly interconnected. When one component fails, you’re practically guaranteed another part will be effected. The cost to replace the evaporator ranges from $800-$1,800.

Average Repair Cost

How does an Evaporator work?

The evaporator also called an evaporator core is a heat exchanger that works with a vehicle's air conditioning system. It helps the freon, which is the freezing liquid refrigerent that powers a vehicle's A/C, maintain the right temperature to make sure it works efficiently to bring you cold air when turning on the A/C.


  • Lack of cool air
    The AC isn’t producing cold air.

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How urgent are Evaporator repairs?

A failed or faulty evaporator is not a safety issue. If it has failed however, the A/C for your vehicle will not work properly, and you will not have cold air blowing out of the vents when turning on the A/C system until the evaporator is replaced.