Need Your A/C Condenser Fixed?

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What does it cost to replace an A/C Condenser?

An A/C Condenser typically costs between $350-$750 to replace on your vehicle depending highly on make and model.

Average Repair Cost

How does a A/C Condenser work?

The A/C condenser is and looks like the vehicle's radiator. What it is, is a heat exchanger that helps condense the refrigerent, or freon that circulates in a vehicle air conditioning system, into a liquid. It helps take away the heat of the refrigerent and helps to maintain its temperature.

  • No cold air
    Your AC no longer produces cold air

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How urgent are A/C Condenser repairs?

The a/c condenser of a vehicle if broken, leaking or faulty is not a safety related issue. It will however make it so your air conditioning does not work, and depending on the climate you live in, if it where extreme hot weather exists obviously this will make it very difficult to travel around town. We do recommend you bring it to one of our expert repair shops in order to address this type of issue.