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What does it cost to replace an A/C Compressor?

To replace a a/c compressor ranges in price from $900-$1,200

Average Repair Cost

How does an A/C Compressor work?

The a/c compressor is the part of your a/c system that pressurizes liquid refrigerant into a vapor and then pumps that high-pressure vapor into the a/c condenser.


  • A/C not working
    When you press the "A/C" button if your vehicle has one, it does not light up and there is no difference in the air coming out of the vents.
  • Lack of cool air
    No cool air coming out of the vents.
  • Weird noises
    Turning on the AC causes abnormal sounds, which is usually due to internal failure of an a/c compressor.

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How urgent are compressor repairs?

If your a/c has failed, it will not be cause of a safety issue with your vehicle. However, if your a/c clutch is in the process of failing, we recommend you do not attempt to use the a/c, because the belt that runs along the a/c compressor might get damaged, which might cause further issues. Just understand, if it has failed, your a/c will not work until it is replaced.