Estimates Suspension and Steering Front Suspension Spring Replacement

Honda Insight Front Suspension Spring Replacement Costs

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Honda Insight Front Suspension Spring Replacement Costs

RepairSmith offers upfront and competitive pricing. The average cost for Honda Insight Front Suspension Spring Replacement is $313. Drop it off at our shop and pick it up a few hours later, or save time and have our Delivery mechanics come to you.

2013 Honda Insight
1.3L L4 Hybrid Base • 65,000 miles
CA 90502
$291 - $355
2013 Honda Insight
1.3L L4 Hybrid Base • 96,383 miles
CA 90802
$316 - $386
2013 Honda Insight
1.3L L4 Hybrid Base • 48,000 miles
CA 95632
$339 - $415
2013 Honda Insight
1.3L L4 Hybrid LX • 46,000 miles
CA 91945
$304 - $372
2010 Honda Insight
1.3L L4 Hybrid EX • 143,000 miles
CA 95695
$347 - $425
2011 Honda Insight
1.3L L4 Hybrid Base • 23,000 miles
CA 92037
$254 - $310
2014 Honda Insight
1.3L L4 Hybrid EX • 69,000 miles
CA 92836
$258 - $316
2013 Honda Insight
1.3L L4 Hybrid EX • 25,000 miles
CA 90011
$214 - $262
2010 Honda Insight
1.3L L4 Hybrid LX • 32,000 miles
CA 95113
$239 - $293
2014 Honda Insight
1.3L L4 Hybrid LX • 47,000 miles
CA 90650
$254 - $310
Last Updated:
Sep 7, 2021 2:30 PM
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What is a Front Suspension Spring?

Suspension springs are a key part of your car’s suspension system. Umm…did I really need to tell you that? If you’re not incredibly comfortable with what a suspension system is, trust me when I say three things: First, it’s important. Very important. Second, it helps your car drive well. Third, your butt is happiest when your suspension system is fully operational. Okay, let’s get to it. Your car has a suspension spring at each wheel. Want to guess which of the wheels have front suspension springs? The suspension springs are usually standard coiled springs, which is why they’re sometimes called coil springs, or suspension coil springs, if you really want to be overly verbose. They sit between the upper and lower control arms and absorb shock as your car drives. And that’s kind of it. Your car travels over a lot of imperfections on the road, such as potholes, speed bumps, and random objects that some idiots didn’t strap down to the back of their trucks. But the ride is usually pretty smooth, thanks to the suspension springs absorbing a lot of that impact. The springs are what allows the suspension to move up and down with the road, instead of the entire car doing so. That keeps the impact from going to the frame of the car, and to the people sitting in it. In addition to absorbing impact, the front suspension springs also help support the weight of your car, which is pretty important. So, if you like having your car sitting at the right height, you can thank your suspension springs. Front suspension springs are extremely durable, and usually last the entire life of the car. If yours don’t, however, they’ll need to be replaced in pairs. You’ll have to replace both front suspension springs. One last note: Replacing suspension springs can be dangerous, given the amount of pressure holding them in place. So, don’t get all high and mighty on your car skills just because you added some windshield wiper fluid. Leave this one to the pros.

Symptoms of a broken Front Suspension Spring

Car is leaning

The suspension springs support the weight of your car, from each wheel. If one of them breaks, your car won’t be supported in that corner. If you spot your car leaning to the front, or to one of the front corners, then you may have some busted front suspension springs. Yes, it looks funny. No, it’s no laughing matter.

Car is sitting too low

If the coil springs are failing, you may notice less of a lean and more of the car just being way too low. It will look funny, but again: no laughing matter here. The suspension springs hold your car up. If they’re not doing their job, they won’t hold your car up. Just imagine yourself without calves. That’s your car with faulty suspension springs. Not so fun, is it?

Knocking noise

Please tell me this isn’t new information to you, but your car shouldn’t make bizarre noises. If it does make bizarre noises, it’s because something’s wrong, and you should try listening. If your car has some broken front suspension springs, then it will likely make a knocking noise. You’ll notice this noise coming from the suspension when you drive over bumps, or other imperfections in the road. It’s the sound of busted suspension springs being forced to move when they don’t work.

How urgent is a Front Suspension Spring replacement?

Your car is safe to drive short distances when it has a broken front suspension spring. But it’s still an urgent service.

The longer you drive a car without a fully functioning suspension system, the more pressure and impact is put on the suspension, which can lead to further damage. So, if you ignore a front suspension spring replacement, you may end up with a much worse problem on your hands.

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