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Starting and Charging Battery Replacement

Buick Verano Battery Replacement

The car battery’s main purpose is to provide electricity to the starter to start your the engine. The cost of replacement depends on the type of car, but is generally pretty consistent.

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What is a Battery? And why do you need to replace it?

Just looking around, you can probably identify several different items that use batteries. Your TV remote, your watch, your phone, your…you get the picture. Well, your car has one too, and it does the same thing: provide power. The car’s battery stores electricity. When your engine isn’t turned on, but you want to use the electricity in the car - like when you’re rocking out to your new favorite song while parked outside the grocery store - that power is coming from the battery. Most importantly, the battery provides the power to turn on the car. It sends electricity to the starter motor, which turns the engine enough to get things going. If your battery isn’t working, well…say goodbye to those parking lot jam sessions.
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Symptoms of a failing Battery

Car won’t start

In other news, one plus one equals two. The main purpose of your battery is to provide the power necessary to start the car. If the battery doesn’t work, the car won’t start. Make sense?

Warning lights

Look, ignoring your warning lights isn’t going to get you anywhere. If your battery has lost its juice, you may have a battery warning light illuminating in your dashboard.

Diminished electricity

Once your car is up and running, it primarily relies on the alternator to provide electricity for the cabin. Still, a failing battery can result in some of the electrical units not working, or not operating with full power.

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How urgent is replacing your Battery?

Unless you have a car just so you can stare at it, replacing your batter is pretty darn important. Not to blow your mind or anything, but most people want to be able to start their cars.

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