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AC Clutch Cycling Switch Replacement

Replacing an AC clutch cycling switch shouldn’t break the bank – at least, not on most cars. Exactly how much the job costs depends on the year, make, and model of your car.

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What is an AC Clutch Cycling Switch?

The air conditioning (AC) clutch cycling switch is part of your car’s air conditioning system. But, you probably already guessed that. To comprehend the role of a clutch cycling switch, first, you need to understand the AC compressor. The compressor, which is the focal point of the AC system, pressurizes and distributes vaporized refrigerant. When you turn on the AC, an electro-magnetic clutch connects the compressor to a pulley, allowing the compressor to be driven off your car’s drive belt. There’s just one problem with this set up: If the compressor runs all the time, it will over-pressurize the system. The AC refrigerant must be kept within a certain pressure range to prevent system damage and for the AC to cool properly. And that’s where the AC clutch cycling switch comes in. The switch opens and closes in response to refrigerant pressure, thereby turning the compressor clutch on and off. Typically, the switch sends a signal to a computer, referred to as a control module. The module then turns the compressor clutch on and off via a relay. It should be noted that not all cars have an AC clutch cycling switch. Some use other methods for controlling system pressure, instead.

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Symptoms of a failing AC Clutch Cycling Switch

AC doesn’t work

Is your AC system blowing warm air? Then you may have a bad AC clutch cycling switch. If the switch is kaput, that means the compressor won’t engage and – you guessed it – that means your AC won’t work.

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How urgent is an AC Clutch Cycling Switch Replacement?

A failing AC clutch cycling switch isn’t going to kill you (unless, perhaps, you’re in Arizona during the summer). But, in some cases, the problem can cause additional damage to other AC system components. So, it’s a good idea to address the issue as soon as possible.

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