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Intermediate Pipe Replacement

The cost of an intermediate pipe replacement will vary greatly depending on the type of car you have.

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What is an Intermediate Pipe?

Intermediate pipes are part of your car’s exhaust system. The exhaust system in your car includes a muffler, catalytic converter, exhaust manifold, and resonator. The intermediate pipe is what connects all of these various components to each other. Why is that important? Because your car needs to take exhaust from the engine, and dispel of it in an efficient, safe, and responsible manner. The exhaust is created when the fuel and air mix in the engine, and are combusted. The exhaust remains, and needs to be dispatched, so it travels through the exhaust system, with each component playing a role, and the intermediate pipe acting as the transport. Without the intermediate pipe, the exhaust would never make it to the exhaust tips, where you see it come out of the car. And that would be bad. Intermediate pipes wear out over time, because they’re subject to extreme temperatures, and a lot of elements, since they’re on the bottom of the car. Between the temperature, potential damage from the road, and possible corrosion, it’s not rare for the intermediate pipes to require replacement.
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Symptoms of a failing Intermediate Pipe

Extreme exhaust noise

If you want your car to sound like a motorcycle, buy a motorcycle. If the intermediate pipe breaks, your exhaust system may sound like it doesn’t have a muffler, and I’m here to tell you, it's not a cool sound, despite what you think. If there’s a hole in your intermediate pipe, you may also hear a hissing noise, which is exactly as annoying as you would think.

Poor engine performance

It’s a common misconception that exhaust systems don’t impact performance. Sure, the system may deal with the fumes that have already been combusted, but it still plays a role in how your engine performs. If your intermediate pipe is collapsed or restricted, you may experience less power, diminished acceleration, and decreased fuel efficiency. That should get your attention.

Pipe is dragging

Well, here’s some obvious news for you. Your car shouldn’t be touching the ground, other than the tires. If anything else is touching the ground, you’ve got issues. If your intermediate pipe breaks and becomes disconnected, it may hang and drag on the ground. That will sound like something is...well, being dragged on the ground. You’ll also be able to see it hanging if you check underneath your car.

Smell of exhaust fumes

Please don't tell me you're one of those people who enjoys the smell of exhaust fumes. Even if you are, you should still know that the exhaust fumes coming from your car usually aren't a good sign. If you have a busted intermediate pipe, then you might pick up on the smell of fumes.

Check engine warning light

You were hoping you could make it to the end of the article without having to see this, didn’t you? Well, too bad. If your intermediate pipe has issues, then you just might see your favorite light pop on.

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How urgent is an Intermediate Pipe replacement?

It’s safe to drive short distances with a busted intermediate pipe, but the more you drive, the more you risk damaging your car.

I’m assuming you’re not a fan of a damaged car. And neither is your wallet. So, get the intermediate pipe replaced, before things get worse.

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