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Lexus SC430 Engine Valves and Cylinder Heads Replacement Costs

RepairSmith offers upfront and competitive pricing. The average cost for Lexus SC430 Engine Valves and Cylinder Heads Replacement is $869. Drop it off at our shop and pick it up a few hours later, or save time and have our Delivery mechanics come to you.

2006 Lexus SC430
4.3L V8 Base • 157,000 miles
CA 94720
$208 - $254
2006 Lexus SC430
4.3L V8 Base • 200,000 miles
CA 90024
$208 - $254
2008 Lexus SC430
4.3L V8 Base • 94,000 miles
CA 92649
$2,335 - $2,853
2005 Lexus SC430
4.3L V8 Base • 23,000 miles
CA 90807
$174 - $212
2002 Lexus SC430
4.3L V8 Base • 61,000 miles
CA 95134
$207 - $253
2007 Lexus SC430
4.3L V8 Base • 143,000 miles
CA 91364
$1,148 - $1,403
2002 Lexus SC430
4.3L V8 Base • 182,000 miles
CA 95073
$193 - $235
2010 Lexus SC430
4.3L V8 Base • 126,000 miles
CA 95817
$2,087 - $2,551
2009 Lexus SC430
4.3L V8 Base • 57,000 miles
NV 89179
$1,065 - $1,301
2002 Lexus SC430
4.3L V8 Base • 189,000 miles
CA 91214
$197 - $241
Last Updated:
Dec 17, 2020 6:25 PM
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What are Engine Valves & Cylinder Heads?

The cylinder head is placed on top of the engine block, and contains the engine valves. As the car runs, the valves open and close, allowing air in, and expelling exhaust gases in the process. Cylinder heads house the camshafts in overhead camshaft engine designs, but not in overhead valve engine designs. The cylinder head also contains oiling and cooling passages. V-configured engines have two cylinder heads, while inline engines have just one.

Signs of faulty Valves and Heads

Poor engine performance

If the engine valves are not sealing properly, then the engine won’t have a proper amount of compression. This will impact the power of the engine, making the car less powerful. You may experience hesitation and rough running as well.

Engine noise

When the valves or heads are having issues, you may to hear a tapping or ticking noise coming from the engine.

Fluid loss

If a cylinder head is cracked, then engine coolant may enter the combustion chamber, where it will be burned off. This will lower the amount of coolant in your car. It also may result in white smoke emitting from your tailpipe, and possible engine overheating. Similarly, busted valve guides or seals often allow oil into the combustion chamber. This results in oil loss, and sometimes a blue or gray smoke from the tailpipe.

Check engine warning light

An issue with the engine valves or cylinder head will result in the engine not running properly. This alerts your car’s computer, which will trigger the check engine warning light on your dashboard.

How urgent are Valve and Head repairs?

Cylinder heads and engine valves are vital parts of your car’s engine. If they fail, they risk causing serious damage to the rest of the engine. All issues with heads and valves should be addressed immediately.

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