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Honda Odyssey Idler Pulley Replacement

A driver belt idler pulley is a quick and affordable service, though the cost varies depending on the type of car.

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Average Shop Price $428
RepairSmith Price $243
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Tell us your vehicle to get a guaranteed price for your brakes from RepairSmith.

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Honda Odyssey Idler Pulley Replacement

RepairSmith offers upfront and competitive pricing. The average cost for Honda Odyssey Idler Pulley Replacement is $120. Drop it off at our shop and pick it up a few hours later, or save time and have our Delivery mechanics come to you.

Quoted on
2002 Honda Odyssey
3.5L V6 • 74,000 miles
Fremont CA 94555
May 5, 2021
$232 - $284
2006 Honda Odyssey
3.5L V6 • 158,000 miles
Lewisville TX 75057
Apr 29, 2021
$177 - $217
2013 Honda Odyssey
3.5L V6 • 97,000 miles
San Jose CA 95121
Apr 13, 2021
$73 - $89
2003 Honda Odyssey
3.5L V6 • 160,786 miles
Las Vegas NV 89104
Mar 20, 2021
$135 - $165
2012 Honda Odyssey
3.5L V6 • 123,000 miles
Fort Worth TX 76148
Mar 15, 2021
$58 - $70
2005 Honda Odyssey
3.5L V6 • 115,000 miles
Sacramento CA 95831
Mar 6, 2021
$83 - $101
2010 Honda Odyssey
3.5L V6 • 138,000 miles
National City CA 91950
Jan 15, 2021
$83 - $101
2009 Honda Odyssey
3.5L V6 • 190,000 miles
Waddell AZ 85355
Dec 12, 2020
$83 - $101
2010 Honda Odyssey
3.5L V6 • 160,000 miles
Sacramento CA 95820
Oct 21, 2020
$77 - $95
2010 Honda Odyssey
3.5L V6 • 160,306 miles
Sacramento CA 95820
Sep 10, 2020
$77 - $95
Last Updated:
Sep 7, 2021 10:44 AM
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What is an Idler Pulley?

An idler pulley is an important part of your car’s drive belt system, which means we should probably start at the beginning and cover drive belts. Drive belts, which are also referred to as fan belts, transfer rotational force to many components inside your car. Most notably, the drive belts usually drive your car’s alternator, AC compressor, water pump, and power steering system. Some cars have multiple belts, to power different systems, while other cars have one belt (called a serpentine belt) that is responsible for all the components that rely on fan belts. It’s a pretty simple system. Drive belts are, in fact, just belts, like the one you’re wearing, except less stylish. The belts run around a series of pulleys. Each system that relies on the drive belts for rotational force has a pulley. As the belts spin around, they trigger the pulleys, and the force drives the system. The belt itself is turned by the crankshaft pulley. As the crankshaft spins, it moves the pulley, which puts the belt in action. Fairly simple, yeah? Okay, let’s move on to the idler pulley. The idler pulley helps route the belt and maintain proper tension. It provides the right amount of tension to the drive belts, which not only keeps the belts running smoothly, but ensures that they don’t come into contact with other parts of the engine, where damage could occur. Drive belt idler pulleys usually have a very long life, but they can wear out over time and use. And when that happens, the drive belts won’t be in the best situation.

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Symptoms of a failing Idler Pulley

Chirping or whining noise

There’s really just one primary symptom of an idler pulley that is in the process of failing, and that’s a chirping noise or whining noise coming from under your car’s hood. So, let’s rewind and bring you the first lesson of cars: Noises aren’t good. If you hear noises, other than the engine purring and whatever music you’re listening to, then something is likely wrong. If that noise is a chirping or whining noise, then it’s likely to be an idler pulley that is giving you issues. As the pulley wears down, the belts will be in contact with excessive amounts of metal, and it will sound like there are weird robot birds in your engine.

Drive belts stop working

Once the idler pulley fully dies on you, the drive belt or drive belts will fall off. When that happens, you’ll have a whole series of things that can go wrong and symbolize a drive belt issue. You’ll need the car taken care of for the drive belt, at which point the mechanic will check on the idler pulley and see if it was the culprit. If your drive belt slips off, your check engine warning light will likely come on. And it doesn't stop there. You may also lose your power steering, which isn’t a fun feeling. Or, if you really want some excitement, the engine may begin to overheat, because the drive belts aren’t able to power the water pump anymore. Finally, an inoperable drive belt may result in the car having a dead battery, and not turning on. The alternator relies on the drive belts to get power, and it’s the alternator that charges the battery. So, a busted idler pulley can lead to quite a domino effect, by knocking off a drive belt, which shuts down the alternator, which kills the battery. Fun stuff.

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How urgent is an Idler Pulley replacement?

Do you want a dead battery or an overheating engine?

Don’t answer those questions. They’re rhetorical, and you definitely don’t want those things. And that makes an idler pulley replacement very urgent.

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