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Ford Flex Heat Shield Replacement

A heat shield replacement is a fairly simple service, with a cost that varies depending on your car.

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Ford Flex Heat Shield Replacement

RepairSmith offers upfront and competitive pricing. The average cost for Ford Flex Heat Shield Replacement is $82. Drop it off at our shop and pick it up a few hours later, or save time and have our Delivery mechanics come to you.

Quoted on
2019 Ford Flex
3.5L V6 SEL • 23,000 miles
Fresno CA 93721
Nov 4, 2020
$73 - $89
2017 Ford Flex
3.5L V6 NULL • 20,000 miles
San Francisco CA 94129
Oct 19, 2020
$76 - $92
2013 Ford Flex
3.5L V6 Turbo SEL • 55,000 miles
Mountain View CA 94035
Oct 18, 2020
$76 - $92
2010 Ford Flex
3.5L V6 NULL • 113,000 miles
Sacramento CA 94209
Sep 25, 2020
$67 - $81
2012 Ford Flex
3.5L V6 Turbo • 50,000 miles
Alameda CA 94501
Dec 18, 2019
$78 - $96
Last Updated:
Dec 15, 2020 8:45 PM
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What is a Heat Shield?

A cool name, for starters. It also has a pretty cool function. Imagine the hottest place you've ever been and how unenjoyable it was. Now, imagine if you had a shield that protected you from all that heat. A heat shield does exactly that for your car. Heat shields can be made of numerous materials, but often consists of a lot of aluminum. They protect components in your car that risk being damaged by the extremely hot temperatures of your car’s exhaust system. Without heat shields, the exhaust system could overheat other parts of your car, causing extreme damage. But the heat shields protect those components from the exhaust. The amount your car has is entirely dependent on the make and model, but all cars will have heat shields that run along the exhaust system, keeping the heat from causing damage and melting parts of your car. If the heat shields fall off or become loose, it can be like an uncontrolled fire. Damage can occur all over the car, due to extreme amounts of heat that damages other parts of the car. That said, heat shields are very durable, and it’s not very common to need to replace them.
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Symptoms of a failing Heat Shield

Rattling noise

This shouldn't be news to you: when you hear a funny noise from your car, it usually means something is wrong, and you should pay attention to it. So, if you hear your car making a rattling noise, don’t just assume there's something rolling around in your truck. Worse yet, don’t turn up your music and pretend you didn’t hear it in the first place.

A burning smell

A burning smell is never normal. Unless you're at a bonfire or BBQ. The heat shields protect your car from being exposed to dangerous levels of heat. So, when the heat shields aren’t there anymore, components of your car can overheat to the point of melting and burning. And your nose will have the pleasure of smelling it. So, if your car smells like your kitchen did the last time you tried to cook, you’ve probably got an issue.

Melted engine components

It doesn’t take long for the wires and hoses in your car to start melting if the heat shields fall off. So, if you pop the hood and notice some melted components...well, you do the math on that one.

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How urgent is a Heat Shield Replacement?

This is kind of like asking how urgent it is to put out a fire.

We literally just talked about what will happen to your car if the heat shield is loose or falls off. Do you want overheating and melting components in your car?

The answer is a hard no.

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