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Kia Optima Cylinder Head Replacement

A cylinder head replacement is a critical service for the health of your engine, and costs will vary based on the year, make, and model of your car.

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Average Shop Price $428
RepairSmith Price $243
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Tell us your vehicle to get a guaranteed price for your brakes from RepairSmith.

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Kia Optima Cylinder Head Replacement

RepairSmith offers upfront and competitive pricing. The average cost for Kia Optima Cylinder Head Replacement is $2430. Drop it off at our shop and pick it up a few hours later, or save time and have our Delivery mechanics come to you.

Quoted on
2019 Kia Optima
2.0L L4 Hybrid Plug-In Hybrid EX • 14,000 miles
La Habra CA 90632
Nov 3, 2020
$2,041 - $2,495
2019 Kia Optima
2.0L L4 Turbo SX • 17,000 miles
Big Bear City CA 92314
Oct 29, 2020
$2,167 - $2,649
2010 Kia Optima
2.4L L4 LX • 105,000 miles
Carpinteria CA 93013
Oct 17, 2020
$2,183 - $2,668
2002 Kia Optima
2.7L V6 SE • 156,000 miles
Pittsburg CA 94565
Sep 24, 2020
$2,413 - $2,949
2001 Kia Optima
2.5L V6 SE • 25,000 miles
Torrance CA 90505
Sep 15, 2020
$2,129 - $2,603
Last Updated:
Jan 21, 2021 4:52 PM
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What is a Cylinder Head?

The cylinder head is one of the most important parts of your car’s engine. Which makes it one of the most important parts of your car, period. So, pay attention. Your car’s cylinder head is placed on the top of the engine block, and it houses a lot of vital elements, notably the intake and exhaust valves, which keep the engine running. Because of the cylinder head, air and fuel are able to travel into the cylinder, while exhaust fumes are able to pass out. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to determine that that’s quite important. Ultimately, the cylinder head plays many roles. It’s also home to the spark plugs, and it channels the coolant around the engine, to absorb heat and keep the system from getting too hot. Long story short, the cylinder head is indispensable. But not indestructible. Hopefully it’s not news to you that engines, and their various components, operate at extremely high temperatures. The cylinder head is designed to be very durable, but it can eventually crack or incur other damage over time. And when that happens...well, imagine if your bed frame broke when you wanted to go to sleep? Not looking so good, is it?

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Symptoms of a failing Cylinder Head

Check engine warning light

Listen, it's a safe space here. We know you tend to ignore that check engine light. But the check engine light exists to offer you a warning when something with your car is wrong. And no matter how hard you hope, you’re not going to fix any issues by looking away. There are a lot of things that could be wrong if the check engine warning light is on, and one of them is a cylinder head that is damaged or malfunctioning.

Engine is misfiring

If the check engine light won't get your attention, then you’ll probably notice if your engine starts acting up a bit. If your cylinder head is cracked or otherwise compromised, the combustion chamber won’t have the ideal level of compression. That will lead to the engine running a little poorly. You’ll start to notice the engine misfiring as rough running or lack of engine performance.


There are a lot of different fluids in a car, so a leak can be many different things. One of those fluids is coolant, which is tasked with keeping your car’s engine at a safe temperature. If your car is leaking coolant, it may be due to broken cylinder head. If the cylinder head is cracked, coolant will have an easy way of escaping the system. In some instances, the cylinder head may leak oil as well.

Low coolant level

Ready to put two and two together? If your car is leaking coolant, what do you think might happen to the coolant level? If you guessed that it might be lower, then go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back. Well done. Look, I won’t judge you if you don’t spend your precious free time checking your car’s fluid levels. I’m sure you have much more important things to do. But checking fluids is a good habit to get into. It only takes a few minutes, and then you’ll notice it when your car is running short on coolant.

Engine overheating

So, in more mind-blowing news, if the cylinder head is cracked, and the car is leaking coolant, the engine might not cool down successfully. Shocker! Your car has a temperature gauge for the engine. Pay attention to it. And if the engine gets too hot, stop driving, and get your car looked at. Driving with an overheating engine is like trying to drink a cup of boiling hot water. You might feel tough, but it’s flat out dumb.

Smoke from the engine

Smoke emerging from the tailpipe of your car? Not a good thing. Not a good thing at all. It’s often caused by coolant leaking into the engine, which could be the result of a cracked cylinder head. Another possible cause is valve guide seals in the cylinder head allowing oil to leak into the engine.

Low oil levels

Checking your oil is always a good habit, even if you always forget to do so. It might help you catch a busted cylinder head before things get worse. If your car’s cylinder head is cracked, oil loss may result. . If you notice the oil level dropping quicker than usual, it’s worth having the car looked at.

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How urgent is an Cylinder Head replacement?

Hmm, let’s think about this one for a little bit. The cylinder head is one of the core components of the engine, responsible for allowing intake and exhaust, maintaining the right pressure for the cylinders, and housing the spark plugs.

Do I need to go on? Not only is a functioning cylinder head vital to a well-running car, but if you ignore a cracked cylinder head, the end result will be an engine that experiences severe damage, and potentially even complete failure.

This one’s a no-brainer. Get it fixed.

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