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Ram 3500 Coolant Hose Replacement

Don’t worry, you don't need to tap into your vacation fund. A coolant hose replacement is a relatively affordable repair.

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This range covers an average coolant hose replacement. Tell us your car to get a guaranteed price from RepairSmith.

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Ram 3500 Coolant Hose Replacement

RepairSmith offers upfront and competitive pricing. The average cost for Ram 3500 Coolant Hose Replacement is $103. Drop it off at our shop and pick it up a few hours later, or save time and have our Delivery mechanics come to you.

Quoted on
2016 Ram 3500
5.7L V8 Limited • 32,000 miles
Pasadena CA 91105
Nov 20, 2020
$94 - $114
2013 Ram 3500
6.7L L6 Turbo Diesel Laramie • 11,000 miles
Long Beach CA 90806
Nov 6, 2020
$92 - $112
2018 Ram 3500
5.7L V8 SLT • 39,000 miles
Sacramento CA 95823
Nov 3, 2020
$85 - $103
2019 Ram 3500
6.4L V8 Laramie • 10,000 miles
Huntington Beach CA 92647
Oct 31, 2020
$95 - $117
2011 Ram 3500
6.7L L6 Turbo Diesel Laramie Longhorn • 93,000 miles
Fontana CA 92334
Oct 30, 2020
$95 - $117
2016 Ram 3500
6.4L V8 Big Horn • 30,000 miles
Whitewater CA 92282
Oct 26, 2020
$95 - $117
2018 Ram 3500
6.4L V8 Laramie • 22,000 miles
Lemon Grove CA 91945
Oct 22, 2020
$87 - $107
2015 Ram 3500
5.7L V8 Laramie Limited • 35,000 miles
Santa Clara CA 95050
Oct 17, 2020
$102 - $124
2016 Ram 3500
6.7L L6 Turbo Diesel Big Horn • 68,000 miles
Sacramento CA 94209
Oct 12, 2020
$85 - $103
2017 Ram 3500
6.4L V8 Lone Star • 31,000 miles
El Dorado Hills CA 95762
Sep 23, 2020
$95 - $117
Last Updated:
Dec 15, 2020 8:42 PM
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What are Coolant Hoses?

Coolant hoses are like that friend that everyone likes, who makes sure that the group is getting along fine. The hoses connect the different components in the cooling system together. Your car’s engine, radiator, heater core, and water pump are all tied together through those unassuming hoses.

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Symptoms of faulty Coolant Hoses

Low coolant level

Coolant hoses carry coolant through them. Shocking, right? If the car’s coolant levels are low, it might be because of a leak in the hose. Speaking of leaks...

Houston, we have a leak

If you spot a puddle of liquid under your car, it might be that your dog chose an inopportune place to do their business. More likely, you’ve got a leak somewhere in your car. That leak could be from the coolant hoses. If you’re familiar with coolant, you can check out the leak to see whether the liquid is coolant or something else. Either way, something’s probably wrong.

Visible hose damage

You probably don’t pop your hood every morning to look at your engine. But if you do, hey, no judgment. If you spot damage on the hoses - such as cracks, swelling, or holes - well that’s a pretty good sign that they’re not as healthy as they ought to be. While you may not spot the damages, a mechanic likely will when doing other repairs, or changing your oil.

Overheating engine

You know that little thermometer on your dashboard, that lets you know the temperature of the engine? Pay attention to it when it talks to you. If your car is low on coolant, it won’t be able to - you guessed it - cool down. That makes your engine hot. A hot engine is not good. You probably could have figured that one out on your own.

Steam rising from your engine

Let’s be honest: steam emerging from under your hood is scary. It looks like smoke. Smoke is bad. If it is smoke, well, you’ve got a bigger problem on your hands. But most of the time it’s steam, which can come from leaking coolant landing on hot engine parts and bursting into steam. Steam is a pretty sure sign of coolant hoses that aren’t doing their job.

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How urgent is a Coolant Hose replacement?

Coolant is your engine’s responsible friend. It keeps the engine safe. When the coolant can’t keep the engine cool, your car is liable to suffer much worse damage than just a few hoses.

It’s an affordable repair that, if ignored, leads to some not-so affordable repairs. You know what to do here. Get the hoses replaced.

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How can we help?

You might be heating from the stress of car repair, but we can help keep your car cool.

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