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Need an Oil Pump Replacement?

An oil pump replacement is a critical repair, and the cost will be dependent on the type of car you have.

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What is an Oil Pump?

Are you sitting down? Ready to have some shocking news delivered to you?

An oil pump is a pump. It pumps oil. In your car. Wild, right?

The oil pump keeps the blood of the engine pumping. Hearts are important to us, right? And hearts are important to our cars, too. In many ways, the oil pump is the car’s heart.

Oil is a vital part of your car, and the oil pump is the main part of that system. Your car needs lubrication for all the moving parts to run smoothly.

The oil pump pushes the oil through the engine, ensuring adequate lubrication. As the engine keeps ticking, the motor oil will trickle back down to the oil pan. Once there, it’s picked up again by the oil pump and circulated back into the engine, like a shuttle at the airport.

So, what happens when an oil pump can’t pump oil? Well, the oil doesn’t make its way to the engine, and that’s about as bad as if your heart stops pumping blood through your body. Minus the whole dying thing.

An oil pump replacement is not an easy repair, but it’s also not a common repair. Often an oil pump will last the life of your car. But sometimes they need to be replaced.

Perhaps you’ve started some DIY car repairs, and think because you change your oil and your oil filter that you can change your oil pump on your own.

You likely can’t. So, don’t try.

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Symptoms of a failing Oil Pump

Funky sounds

Your car should make two noises: The noise of your engine doing its job, and the noise of that cool podcast you keep telling all your friends about. And that’s it. Weird clanking sounds coming from the engine? Nope, don’t like those. Those can be a sign of a dying oil pump crying out for help.

Warning lights

Look, I get it. Warning lights are so easy to ignore, right? They’re just harmless little lights that hang out in the dashboard. Well, it’s time to start paying attention to them if you’re interested in keeping your car running and money in your pocket. If your oil pump isn’t working right, your engine will be unhappy, and you might notice the check engine warning light, low oil pressure, or a few other indicators illuminate.

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How urgent is an Oil Pump replacement?

This is a no brainer. Get that thing replaced, now, and don’t go driving on it in the meantime. Cars aren’t supposed to run without oil pumps. That’s not a challenge.

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