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Engine Oil Level Sensor Replacement

An engine oil level sensor is a somewhat rare service, and the cost will vary greatly depending on the type of car you have.

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What is an Engine Oil Level Sensor?

Let’s break it down. An engine oil level sensor is a sensor. For the oil level. In your engine. That’s it. Easy peasy. So, why exactly do you need this component in your car? The short answer is that your car knows you’re probably not going to check your oil level frequently. But if you want the longer, less insulting answer, so you can feel better about yourself, then read on. Engine oil is the lifeblood of the engine and keeps it running smoothly. Without enough oil, the engine doesn’t have proper lubrication, and hopefully I don’t have to explain to you what happens when components that cause a lot of friction aren’t well lubricated. You can figure that one out on your own. And hopefully not by experience. That’s where the engine oil level sensor comes in. Gone are the days where we have to pop the hood to know where our levels are at. An engine oil sensor is literally just a sensor that detects how much oil is left in the oil pan, and relays that information to you without having to pop the hood and get your hands dirty. Engine oil level sensors usually have a long shelf life, but, like most parts of your car, they can give out. And if you think that’s no big deal because you’ll just check your oil manually (sure you will…), you should know that the sensor affects other parts indirectly. If it fails, it can lead to other parts failing. So…yea, it’s kind of a big deal. In theory, replacing the engine oil level sensor is an easy task, but it depends on the location. And that’s going to be dependent on the manufacturer. While some sensors might be intuitively placed and easy to access, others might live in a mirror maze of madness. Either way, when it’s dead, it ain’t gonna fix itself, so it needs to be replaced.

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Symptoms of a failing Engine Oil Level Sensor

Motor oil warning lights

An engine oil light could point to bad engine oil level sensor. Or it could mean that your car is low on motor oil. Look, I get it. The little warning lights on your dashboard are easy to ignore, but you should pay attention them. They’re there for a reason, and the reason is usually something important. When those lights tell you that your car is running low on engine oil, check the oil level manually. If you are low, then it’s time for new oil. If you’re not low, then it’s likely time for a new sensor.

Bizarre oil level readings

Whoa, that can’t be right… If you notice your oil level readings aren’t making sense, manually check oil levels to see if they’re where they should be. This is similar to what we just talked about with warning lights, so we’ll be brief. A busted-up engine oil level sensor might be a bit erratic. You might notice the sensor suggesting you’re low on oil one minute, and then have an ample amount later. That’s a bad sign. Or, as previously mentioned, you might notice that the sensor level and the actual level aren’t lined up, and that’s a sure sign.

Car isn’t driving well

Uh oh. Why is the car acting up? If you notice the ride is a little rough, noisy, or otherwise funky, it may be because the engine oil level is low. If the oil level is low, but the engine oil level sensor isn’t warning you about it, then…well, you can put two and two together here. I hope. Here’s a general rule to always follow with your car: If they’re driving funny, something is wrong, and that something should be addressed.

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How urgent is an Engine Oil Level Sensor replacement?

Oil is the lifeblood of your car. Anything that has to do with it is pretty serious. Not knowing your engine oil level can actually end your car’s life. Go to Vegas if you want to gamble, but keep your car out of it. Get your engine oil level sensor replaced immediately.

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