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Ford Taurus Fuel Injector Replacement

The cost of a fuel injector replacement can vary greatly depending on the year, make, and model of your car.

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Average Shop Price $428
RepairSmith Price $243
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Ford Taurus Fuel Injector Replacement

RepairSmith offers upfront and competitive pricing. The average cost for Ford Taurus Fuel Injector Replacement is $258. Drop it off at our shop and pick it up a few hours later, or save time and have our Delivery mechanics come to you.

Quoted on
2001 Ford Taurus
3.0L V6 SEL • 69,000 miles
Irvine CA 92618
Apr 21, 2021
$229 - $279
1996 Ford Taurus
3.0L V6 G • 181,000 miles
Concord CA 94521
Apr 4, 2021
$221 - $271
2019 Ford Taurus
3.5L V6 SEL • 11,000 miles
Monrovia CA 91016
Mar 22, 2021
$221 - $271
2012 Ford Taurus
3.5L V6 SEL • 74,000 miles
Oceanside CA 92054
Feb 26, 2021
$204 - $250
2012 Ford Taurus
3.5L V6 • 111,854 miles
Norwalk CA 90650
Feb 10, 2021
$215 - $263
2007 Ford Taurus
3.0L V6 • 101,200 miles
San Diego CA 92115
Oct 29, 2020
$256 - $312
2007 Ford Taurus
3.0L V6 • 116,000 miles
Chandler AZ 85224
Oct 6, 2020
$264 - $322
2002 Ford Taurus
3.0L V6 • 186,000 miles
Fresno CA 93726
Sep 26, 2020
$192 - $234
2003 Ford Taurus
3.0L V6 • 10,000 miles
Glendale AZ 85304
Sep 18, 2020
$179 - $219
2014 Ford Taurus
2.0L L4 Turbo Limited • 86,000 miles
Oceanside CA 92056
Sep 14, 2020
$338 - $413
Last Updated:
Sep 7, 2021 2:24 PM
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What is a Fuel Injector?

The fuel injector supplies the engine with precisely measured amounts of fuel to help it run properly. It’s a simple enough component in theory, but since you’ve already got your thinking cap on, let’s dig a little deeper into this. The fuel injector is the last stop in your fuel system before the fuel is used for combustion. When’s the last time you worked on a cool science project? It’s probably been a while. But guess what? You’re basically doing them every time you drive your car. The fuel injector takes the liquid fuel and atomizes it to make the combustion efficient. Continuous fuel delivery is necessary to keep your car running and running smoothly. Fuel injectors tend to be connected to the top of the engine. If you want a good visual, imagine a mini hose that sprays gasoline into down into the cylinder, and that’s pretty much it. Depending on the location of the fuel injector, it might make it a bit awkward or difficult to replace, but here’s the thing: You’re not gonna repair it. You’re not gonna replace it. Fuel injectors will last a while, but when they go, they go, and it’s time to get some new ones under the hood.

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Symptoms of a failing Fuel Injector

Poor engine performance

You might notice a rough idle, sputtering during acceleration, or lunging during cruising conditions. You might not like these things. You might even find yourself compelled to do something about it. Good for you. That’s the right response. When your fuel injectors kick the bucket, your engine won’t receive the proper ratio of air to gasoline. That means that the combustion won’t be quite right, which means the engine won’t be operating the way you’re used to it operating. And that’s not good. Just as bad, your car’s fuel efficiency can plummet. Do you like losing money?

Difficulty idling or turning on

Perhaps you do the not-smart thing and don’t pay attention to those poor performance issues. Well guess what will happen? They’ll get worse. And worse. And worse. If your car doesn’t have fully functioning fuel injectors, then the right amount of gasoline won’t make it to the engine. The engine won’t fire properly, and what could happen is the car won’t want to run. That means your car may stall when it idles. And it might even get to the point where it won’t run at all. Which makes it kind of hard to drive.

Warning lights

Your car’s monitoring system can detect issues with the fuel system. Pay attention to these warning lights, so you don’t end up wasting more money than you have to. You listen to your friends when they warn you about something, right?

Sights and smells

You’ve got five senses. Now’s the time to use them. So, let’s start with sight. If you see smoke emerging from your car, something’s wrong. If that smoke is black and coming out of the exhaust, you may have funky air injectors. Now let’s move to your sense of smell. If you smell raw fuel when you’re driving, something is wrong and quite possibly that something is a fuel injector.

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How urgent is a Fuel Injector replacement?

Failing to replace your fuel injectors can leave you stranded. Thinking even further into the possibilities, imagine if you needed to accelerate to avoid a hazardous event, such as a collision! We don’t want you to be in those situations and not be able to avoid it, so it’s best to get your fuel injector replaced immediately.

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