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BMW 550i GT Drive Belt Tensioner Replacement

The drive belt tensioner simply keeps the drive belt in place. The cost of replacement depends on the type of car you have.

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Average Shop Price $428
RepairSmith Price $243
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This range covers an average drive belt tensioner replacement. Tell us your car to get a guaranteed price from RepairSmith.

Tell us your vehicle to get a guaranteed price for your brakes from RepairSmith.

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BMW 550i GT Drive Belt Tensioner Replacement

RepairSmith offers upfront and competitive pricing. The average cost for BMW 550i GT Drive Belt Tensioner Replacement is $247. Drop it off at our shop and pick it up a few hours later, or save time and have our Delivery mechanics come to you.

Quoted on
2012 BMW 550i GT
4.4L V8 Turbo Base • 76,000 miles
San Marcos CA 92069
Nov 8, 2020
$212 - $260
2012 BMW 550i GT
4.4L V8 Turbo Base • 82,000 miles
Sparks NV 89441
Nov 2, 2020
$236 - $288
2015 BMW 550i GT
4.4L V8 Turbo Base • 65,000 miles
San Mateo CA 94403
Oct 15, 2020
$211 - $257
2011 BMW 550i GT
4.4L V8 Turbo Base • 66,000 miles
El Monte CA 91734
Oct 14, 2020
$238 - $290
2015 BMW 550i GT
4.4L V8 Turbo Base • 45,000 miles
Sierra Madre CA 91024
Sep 24, 2020
$215 - $263
Last Updated:
Jan 21, 2021 4:52 PM
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What is a Drive Belt Tensioner?

Let’s start with the basics: Your car’s engine has multiple belts. And yes, the belts kind of look like the ones we wear, except less stylish. The drive belt tensioner makes sure the drive belt stays in place. Simple, right? Your car has a drive belt (or drive belts) that is driven off the engine’s crankshaft. When the engine is running, the rotating belt causes accessories, such as the air conditioning compressor and alternator, to turn. It’s the drive belt tensioner’s job to make sure the belt stays where it needs to be. Imagine using your own belt without running them through the belt loops of your pants…doesn’t work so well, does it? Since the drive belt or belts impact so many parts of your car, the tensioner subsequently contributes to those parts as well. All this to say, the tensioner is extremely important. Over time, the drive belt tensioner can wear out, making the drive belts less effective, and causing a domino effect of issues with your car’s electrical components. And when that happens, you know what comes next. More damage and a higher bill. That’s what.

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Symptoms of a failing Drive Belt Tensioner

Funky noise

You may be familiar with that classic squeal when a car turns on. If this is you, take a peek at your drive belt tensioner to see if that’s the issue. Automatic tensioners may also make a rattling noise when they’re on the way out, kind of like a rattle snake warning you. Finally, a dying tensioner pulley can make a whining noise if the bearing is bad. Those are a lot of noises to listen for, but the lesson is this: If your car is making weird noises, something is probably wrong.

Visibly worn belts

You don’t keep your clothes when they get all raggedy. Or maybe you do. No judgement here. Either way, don’t make your car do the same. When the drive belts become visibly worn, it can be due to a drive belt tensioner. And look, I get it. You’re probably not spending a lot of time under your hood checking out that tensioner, but if you or someone working on your car spots a worn drive belt, that means it’s time to check on the drive belt tensioner.

Warning lights

If your tensioner goes out, and your belt is no longer tight, you may see a myriad of warning lights on the dash. Everything from the check engine light to the battery light may be illuminated. Your temperature gauge may spike, too. All sorts of good stuff, right? Like a wonderful grab bag of indicator lights.

Performance problems

A bad tensioner can cause the drive belt to be loose. When that happens, belt-driven accessories - such as the alternator and water pump - may not work properly. And that may leave you with problems like inoperative A/C and engine overheating. Those aren’t fun problems to have. So, if you notice a drop in performance of some basic elements of your car, that may be the sign of a drive belt tensioner that kicked the bucket.

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How urgent is a Drive Belt Tensioner replacement?

A failed tensioner can prevent your drive belt from working right – and that means important engine-driven accessories won’t be operating properly, either. The end result could mean major engine problems if, for example, your belt-driven water pump is no longer turning. A bad tensioner can leave you stranded, too, if the alternator isn’t being driven.

So, we’re really talking about pay now, or pay way more later. Hopefully that’s a simple enough equation for you to figure out.

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