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Camshaft Position Sensor Replacement

The camshaft position sensor relays important information from your camshaft to the engine control module (ECM). The cost of a camshaft position sensor replacement depends on the year, make, and model of your vehicle.

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What is a Camshaft Position Sensor?

The camshaft position sensor relays important information from the camshaft to the engine control module (ECM). The ECM needs to know both the position and the timing of the camshaft from the sensor, in order to help the engine and ignition operate properly and efficiently. Attached to the camshaft is a notched or toothed wheel, which works with the camshaft position sensor, and rotates along with the camshaft. The camshaft position sensor gets the position and timing speed information from the wheel, and the sensor sends it to the ECM. The camshaft position sensor allows the ECM to know when to fire the fuel injectors. The ECM may also use the camshaft information from the sensor to determine ignition timing and variable valve timing. The sensor also helps the engine is having a misfiring issue.

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Signs of a malfunctioning Camshaft Position Sensor

Check engine light is on

Your vehicle's check engine sensor light can come on for a variety of reasons. One of them is a position sensor that is broken. A check engine sensor light could be symptom of a camshaft sensor that needs a replacement.

Performance problems

If the camshaft position sensor isn’t working properly, the ECM won’t have the information it needs, leading to potential incorrect ignition timing and poor engine performance. When the position sensor needs a replacement, the engine won’t operate correctly, and you’ll likely experience a lack of power, some rough riding, and some misfiring. If your vehicle is experiencing these symptoms, you might want to get your camshaft sensor checked-out.


A malfunctioning camshaft position sensor can also cause your vehicle to stall. When the camshaft sensor needs a replacement, the ECM isn’t getting the information it needs and the engine may not be able to idle. If your vehicle is frequently stalling, considering checking your position sensor.

Car won’t start

It’s also possible that an inoperable camshaft position sensor will keep the vehicle from even being able to start.

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How urgent is a Camshaft Position Sensor replacement?

A failing camshaft position sensor is unlikely to cause any further damage to your car. However, if you continue driving with a faulty camshaft sensor, your vehicle will be unreliable. A bad sensor leads to stalling issues and the camshaft sensor may even prevent your vehicle from starting. The sensor should be replaced as soon as possible.

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