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Toyota Avalon Thermostat Replacement Costs

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Toyota Avalon Thermostat Replacement Costs

RepairSmith offers upfront and competitive pricing. The average cost for Toyota Avalon Thermostat Replacement is $220. Drop it off at our shop and pick it up a few hours later, or save time and have our Delivery mechanics come to you.

2001 Toyota Avalon
3.0L V6 • 170,000 miles
CA 95758
$186 - $228
2002 Toyota Avalon
3.0L V6 XLS • 66,000 miles
CA 92707
$178 - $218
2000 Toyota Avalon
3.0L V6 • 197,000 miles
CA 91790
$176 - $216
2005 Toyota Avalon
3.5L V6 • 160,000 miles
AZ 85205
$190 - $232
2013 Toyota Avalon
3.5L V6 XLE • 115,000 miles
CA 94928
$181 - $221
1998 Toyota Avalon
3.0L V6 • 132,881 miles
CA 93612
$175 - $213
2008 Toyota Avalon
3.5L V6 • 181,000 miles
CA 90260
$226 - $276
1999 Toyota Avalon
3.0L V6 • 220,000 miles
CA 92071
$234 - $286
2001 Toyota Avalon
3.0L V6 XLS • 170,000 miles
CA 95136
$235 - $287
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Sep 7, 2021 1:11 PM
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What is a Thermostat?

You’re probably thinking it’s a thermostat for your car, right? Well, you’re exactly right. A thermostat is a part of your car’s cooling system, and it’s actually a valve. When this important part of your vehicle's HVAC isn't functioning properly, you must replace it. The thermostat helps keep your engine at the right temperature. When you first fire up your car, and the engine is cold, the valve stays closed, blocking the coolant from circulating to the radiator while, and trapping in the heat, so the engine can continue heating until it gets up to the right temperature. Once the car's temperature is up and running and toastier than a summer day, the valve opens up, allowing the coolant to flow to the heating radiator and cool things down.

Symptoms of a failing Thermostat


Your engine is powerful, and surrounded by gas, oil, and water. Overheating isn’t good. Hopefully this isn’t new information to you. Overheating often comes as a result of a faulty old thermostat, so that could be the culprit. If this is the case, making sure to get a thermostat replacement so that the new thermostat you install can keep your vehicle heating up to the right temperature.

How urgent is a Thermostat replacement?

The thermostat helps keep your engine at the right temperature, preventing it from heating up too much. If you don’t replace a faulty old thermostat and install a new thermostat, your engine might overheat. If you don’t get a thermostat replacement, the engine might overheat and cause serious damage. Surely, you don’t need to be told how bad that is or how much it might cost beyond fixing your thermostat. Regardless, if your thermostat is acting up, make sure that you replace it and install a thermostat replacement to keep your engine and HVAC heating correctly.

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