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Ford Contour Engine Water Pump Replacement Costs

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Ford Contour Engine Water Pump Replacement Costs

RepairSmith offers upfront and competitive pricing. The average cost for Ford Contour Engine Water Pump Replacement is $549. Drop it off at our shop and pick it up a few hours later, or save time and have our Delivery mechanics come to you.

1997 Ford Contour
2.5L V6 GL • 139,000 miles
CA 93268
$481 - $587
1999 Ford Contour
2.5L V6 LX • 216,000 miles
CA 93062
$507 - $619
1999 Ford Contour
2.0L L4 SE • 146,000 miles
CA 91320
$461 - $563
1995 Ford Contour
2.5L V6 GL Sport • 54,000 miles
CA 95945
$513 - $627
1996 Ford Contour
2.5L V6 NULL • 134,000 miles
CA 92341
$473 - $578
1996 Ford Contour
2.5L V6 LX • 342,000 miles
CA 93040
$490 - $598
1999 Ford Contour
2.0L L4 • 197,000 miles
AZ 85015
$504 - $616
1998 Ford Contour
2.0L L4 Base • 131,000 miles
CA 93314
$460 - $562
1999 Ford Contour
2.0L L4 • 197,000 miles
AZ 85015
$504 - $616
1996 Ford Contour
2.0L L4 Sport • 280,000 miles
CA 93033
$545 - $667
Last Updated:
Dec 15, 2020 8:45 PM
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What is an Engine Water Pump?

The engine water pump is arguably the most important part of the cooling system. Let’s get one thing straight before you get a little confused: though it’s called an engine water pump, it’s not exclusively pumping water. Usually, the water pump is actually pumping coolant through the engine.

While going through the engine, the coolant absorbs the heat that the engine is created as it works. Kind of like your water at the gym, right? The coolant then passes through the radiator, where the heat is removed from the liquid, allowing it to cool down again, so it can absorb more heat, and keep this happy process rolling along. The engine water pump makes sure that this process keeps on keeping on. This component is necessary for the proper functioning of your car’s cooling system, which is really important.

How important? Imagine working out in a sauna without any water, and tell me how long you can go before you start to break down…

Most water pump’s last a good amount of time, but wear and tear can cause them to eventually die, at which point they’ll need to be replaced.

Symptoms of a failing Engine Water Pump

Overheating engine

Without that exchange of heat, the temperature of the coolant will rise and rise. And as it does, it will fail to absorb heat from the engine and the timing belt, causing the temperature to rise and rise and eventually overheat. So, if you notice a rising temperature needle from your thermostat connected to your dashboard, don’t ignore it.

Warning lights

Warning lights are there for a reason. And no, the reason isn’t to annoy you. They’re there to warn you when something’s wrong, like an overheating engine or problem in your radiator or pump. Keep your eye open for a warning light telling you that the coolant or overall system is hotter than they should be.


Sweating is good for you, but not good for the water pump. Keep a watchful eye out for any leaks under your car coming from the pump. This is general advice, not just water pump advice. But if you notice a leak pooling under your car, it could be your coolant, which tends to smell a little fishy, or sometimes a little sweet. That could be the result of a water pump that didn’t show up to work or a radiator that needs to be replaced

Funky noises and sights

A failing water pump could start making a whining noise. Yes, it’s going to be annoying. But the pump is just calling on you for help, so be kind and listen. You can also sometimes visibly spot a busted water pump. If the pulley that is attached to the pump is looking a little loose, that might be a sign that it’s time for replacement. Additionally, steam coming from the engine could also be a tell-tale sign.

How urgent is an Engine Water Pump replacement?

To put it simply, we humans get uncomfortable and start to feel worn out when we’re exposed to high temperatures for a long period of time. So does your car. If we can’t stand being hot for too long, neither can our cars.

Ignoring a water pump replacement can lead to catastrophic failure, which leads to a big ol’ dent in your wallet. You don’t want that. Get the pump replaced as soon as possible.

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