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Driveline and Axles Differential Replacement

Need a Differential Replacement?

A differential replacement is a very important service, and the price will vary depending on the year, make, and model of your car.

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What is a Differential?

Imagine this: You’re taking a walk and one of your legs takes a longer stride than the other. This will probably throw you off just as a differential that needs replacing will throw your car off.

The differential consists of numerous gears that control how the drive wheels spin. Remember that geometry lesson? Basically, during a turn, the car’s inner wheels travel a shorter distance than the outer wheels. So, the outer wheels need to spin faster. The differential does gearing wizardry to get that speed differential. (See what I did there?)

Also, the differential transfers power to the drive wheels when you’re traveling in a straight line.

It’s also worth noting that front-wheel drive cars do not have a separate differential. Instead, the differential is located inside the transmission (aka transaxle). Which is kind of nifty if you think about it.

Differentials are pretty sturdy parts of your car. They don’t need to be replaced often. But like most parts, they do undergo some wear and tear.

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Symptoms of a failing Differential

Driving feel is off

Notice any weird feelings, such as shudders or vibrations, while driving or while turning a corner? This can indicate poor functionality of the differential. Try to be observant while you’re driving. Not only will it make you a safer and smoother driver, but it will allow you to spot things as soon as they go awry.

Weird sounds

This shouldn’t be news to you, but weird sounds coming from your car usually aren’t a good thing. The gears or bearings inside the differential might whine or make other abnormal noises when the unit is on its way out. Furthermore, unusual sounds could be due to a low fluid level…which brings us to our next symptom.


Sounds simple, but you should occasionally check for leaks coming from the differential. Those gears like to be bathed in fluid all day, every day. Make sure they live in the oily spa they deserve.

Car doesn’t move

If your differential has failed completely, power can’t be transmitted to the drive wheels to move your car. Have you ever tried operating a car that doesn’t move? Not so fun is it?

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How urgent is a Differential replacement?

If your differential is toast, it could make your vehicle unsafe and possibly leave you stranded and dangerous driving conditions are no bueno. So, get that car off the road until your differential is fixed.

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