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Need a Spark Plug Replacement?

Spark plug replacement is usually done as a preventative measure, and the type of car you have dramatically alters the price.

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What are Spark Plugs?

You’ve probably seen a spark plug before, or used the words colloquially. But what are they? It’s pretty simple. Spark plugs are…plugs. That spark.

Oh, sorry, did you want more? Fine. So each cylinder in your engine has a spark plug. Electricity from the car’s battery runs to the spark plugs, where it is used to ignite the fuel and air mixture in the engine. The power of the explosion forces the piston into the cylinder, which turns the crankshaft, which turns the wheels, which puts your car in motion.

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Symptoms of failing Spark Plugs

Poor engine performance

All those things that make your car really fun? The spark plugs are a part of it. If a few plugs stop working, your car will lose some of its power. The engine will misfire and hesitate, and your car will have much slower acceleration, and a rougher ride. And all the while, your right foot will cry.

Check engine light

Remember that time your check engine light came on, and then you drove a few thousand miles anyway, pretending it wasn’t actually on? How did that work out for you? Busted spark plugs will impact engine performance and emissions, which should illuminate your check engine light. Try paying attention to it this time.

Regularly scheduled maintenance

We know. You don’t use maps and you don’t like chore charts and you don’t need to consult your regularly scheduled maintenance. Good for you. But actually, you do. Spark plugs are considered a part of maintenance, and should be replaced on a schedule, before they die on the job.

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How urgent is replacing Spark Plugs?

If a spark plug or two are dead, the car won’t be running on all cylinders, and you’d be a pretty bad friend if you let your car go to work while sick. Do you want that on your conscience?

The longer you drive with busted spark plugs, the more damage you risk incurring to your car. Misfiring can hurt the catalytic converter, and, in rare cases, a portion of the spark plug can fall off into the engine, causing some bigger issues.

The simple thing is the right thing. Get them replaced on time.

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