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Brake Rotors Resurfacing

You're in luck! Resurfacing your brake rotors is a relatively low cost service compared to other car repairs.

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What are Brake Rotors? And why do they need resurfacing?

Let’s start with how your vehicle's brakes work. They’re actually fairly simple. When you press the brake pedal, fluid flows to the brake calipers. The calipers apply pressure to the brake pads, which form a snake-like death grip on your brake rotors. The rotors are attached to the wheels, so when the pads stop the rotors from spinning, the wheels do the same. This is all just a gentle way of saying that you’re not strong enough to stop your car on your own. Now, for obvious reasons, that causes wear and tear on both the brake pads and rotors. Eventually, this wear and tear will lead to worn rotors which might require brake rotor resurfacing or other brake replacements. Metal on metal friction is funny like that, easily deteriorating a surface. When the rotors have uneven wear, it may shock you to learn that your brakes don’t work so well anymore and need a new rotor replacement or resurface. Brake rotor resurfacing essentially amounts to sanding down the rotor, so they’re flush and straight again.

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How to know when Brake Rotors need resurfacing

Your car is pulsating

If you want a ride that isn’t smooth, go to a theme park. Your car shouldn’t be where you fulfill that urge. But if your brake rotors are warped, the car will pulsate and vibrate whenever you hit the brake pedal. You’ll likely feel it most in your foot, and on the steering wheel.

Clattering and clunking

Sure, another car noise to look out for probably isn’t how you wanted to start your day. Tough. Listen up for clunking noises when you hit the brakes, as that’s a sure sign that your vehicle needs a break rotors resurfacing.

Uneven brake pad wear

Your brake pads and brake rotors work together. When one is worn unevenly, it’s likely to cause the other to do the same. Makes sense, right? Meaning, you might need to replace or service your vehicle with new brake pads along with a resurface or replacement of your rotor.

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How urgent is resurfacing Brake Rotors?

Take your vehicle’s brake repair and replacement service seriously. Brakes are there for a reason, and that reason is to save your life. Often times when brake pads are warped or worn unevenly they need to be replaced. But if you don’t need to replace your vehicle’s brake pad or rotor, they should be resurfaced as soon as possible to keep your car safe. And being safe sounds like a good idea, right? Right. If you are feeling a problem with your vehicles brakes, call certified technicians or use your vehicles dealership amenities open today to see if you need to replace or resurface your rotor.

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