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Need an Air Filter Replacement?

An air filter is a straightforward replacement, and the cost of the service depends on the type of car you have.

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What is an Air Filter?

Air ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. There are contaminants in the air we breathe, and guess what? Your car breathes that same air. And that’s where your air filter comes in.

Think of your car’s air filter as a bouncer at the club. The air filter keeps those airborne contaminants from entering the engine, which is good for the engine’s health. In the process, it allows your motor to breathe properly. Long story short, the air filter receives air, kicks out the contaminants that are bad for the engine, and lets the motor move along smoothly. It’s easy peasy.

And that’s kind of it. Not much for you to have to learn here. But let’s dig a little deeper, in case you still have questions. Why does your car need clean air, you might ask? Well, the engine pulls air in and uses it for combustion. The air mixes with the fuel in a combustion chamber, where, after it’s ignited, it explodes. And that’s how your car gets its power.

So, you can probably see why it’s important to have a clean air filter. It reduces how much nastiness enters your engine at this critical time and place

Air filters get a lot of use because your car uses a lot of air. So, they wear out, and they’ll need to be replaced with some regularity.

And before you ask, no: Don’t even think about cleaning your air filter and putting it back in. Just get the thing replaced. It’s quick, simple, and affordable.

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Symptoms of a failing Air Filter

Lack of power

Come on, car! When you notice that your car isnt as powerful as it used to be, it may be time to check that air filter. When engine air filters get severely clogged, they restrict air flow to the engine, stopping it from taking full, deep breaths. Why does that matter? Well, you try going for a run without taking any full, deep breaths. Not so fast anymore, are you?

Poor fuel economy

Time to fill up…again? Yup, that may be a bad air filter. When your engine is starved of air, it doesn’t work as efficiently. Again, think of taking a run without any full, deep breaths. Are you going to be able to run as far? No, you’re not. And your car isn’t, either. Being unable to operate efficiently means you need to expend more energy to do less. In the case of your car, that means using more fuel. Which means getting worse mileage. Which means spending more money at the gas tank. It’s worth noting that a car’s computer can compensate for a lot when it comes to engine performance and fuel efficiency, so modern engines aren’t as susceptible to this problem as older engines are. But you’ll definitely notice a dip in fuel efficiency if you have an older car.

Visibly clogged filter

If your filter is looking filthy, it’s time to get a replacement. That seems simple enough, right? Now look: I know you’re probably not checking in on your filter every day, so no judgement here if you haven’t noticed it. But a technician sure will, so if you’re having your car serviced or your oil changed, a professional will easily spot an air filter that needs to be replaced.

Scheduled maintenance

Ahh, so close. You thought you could get through this whole article without the dreaded “scheduled maintenance” tip, and you almost did. But here we are. After certain intervals of distance and/or time, your manufacturer recommends changing out the air filters. So, when you reach those milestones, get those things swapped out. Seriously.

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How urgent is an Air Filter replacement?

To keep your engine healthy and running its best, the air filter should be replaced in accordance with the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule, or as soon as it’s apparent that it’s clogged up and not functioning properly.

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