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BMW M2 Clutch Repair Costs

RepairSmith offers upfront and competitive pricing. The average cost for BMW M2 Clutch Repair is $1094. Drop it off at our shop and pick it up a few hours later, or save time and have our Delivery mechanics come to you.

2020 BMW M2
3.0L L6 Turbo Competition • 18,000 miles
CA 92570
$900 - $1,100
2019 BMW M2
3.0L L6 Turbo Competition • 24,000 miles
CA 94506
$914 - $1,118
2020 BMW M2
3.0L L6 Turbo Competition • 14,000 miles
CA 91602
$917 - $1,121
2016 BMW M2
3.0L L6 Turbo Base • 65,000 miles
CA 93905
$1,060 - $1,296
2019 BMW M2
3.0L L6 Turbo Competition • 22,000 miles
CA 90755
$971 - $1,187
2017 BMW M2
3.0L L6 Turbo Base • 29,000 miles
CA 92683
$934 - $1,142
2020 BMW M2
3.0L L6 Turbo CS • 19,000 miles
CA 92606
$1,083 - $1,323
2017 BMW M2
3.0L L6 Turbo Base • 38,000 miles
CA 92276
$1,027 - $1,255
2020 BMW M2
3.0L L6 Turbo Competition • 18,000 miles
CA 92522
$998 - $1,220
2019 BMW M2
3.0L L6 Turbo Competition • 22,000 miles
CA 91301
$1,037 - $1,267
Last Updated:
Jan 21, 2021 4:52 PM
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What is a Clutch?

Your car’s clutch is an important device that connects and disconnects the transmission from the engine. If you’ve driven a manual transmission, then you’re likely familiar with the clutch. It’s connected to the third pedal that you have to engage in order to change gears. The clutch is a friction plate, and it’s responsible for transferring power from the engine to the transmission, which then transfers the power to the drive wheels. The engine is always spinning the drive shaft, even when your car isn’t in motion. So, it’s the clutch’s responsibility to disconnect the wheels from the engine, keeping the car from stalling, and then to reconnect the wheels to the engine when you’re ready to start driving again. Over time, the clutch will wear out, just like a set of brakes. When that happens, it won’t be able to do its job as well. It will lose its grip and start to slip. Eventually, it won’t be able to grip the flywheel anymore, and will become fully ineffective.

Symptoms of a failing Clutch

Squeaking, squealing, or growling noises

A malfunctioning clutch will usually result in some bizarre noises coming from the clutch. In a manual transmission, you’re likely to notice a squeaking noise when you engage the clutch pedal. Noises are never a good sign from your car, and should always be addressed. They can signal a lot of different things, including a problem with the clutch.

Bad smell

Bad smells are not a good sign from a car. There are a few different issues that can lead to foul smells, including a clutch that is fully worn down. When the clutch is completely worn through, it will result in an acrid, burning smell that isn’t very pleasant.


Slipping is a common clutch problem. It results when the clutch disengages at times when it shouldn’t. When this happens, you’ll notice that you can’t accelerate, or you can’t accelerate very well. Yet even though your car isn’t accelerating, the engine will still be revving high. If you press on the gas pedal, the RPMs will increase, but the speed of the car won’t.

Difficulty shifting

If it’s hard for you to change gears in your manual transmission, then that’s often a sign of a clutch that is malfunctioning. You may find it laborious to try and get your car from one gear to the next, or you might find that the car isn’t wanting to stay in any gear.

Bizarre clutch feel

If you drive a manual transmission, you’ll likely notice a failing clutch by the feel of the clutch pedal. The pedal may feel spongy, or exceptionally loose. Conversely, it may feel sticky (like it won’t want to come back to its original position), or stiff and heavy. It’s also common for the clutch pedal to shake and shudder when the clutch is failing. If you notice anything weird in the feel of that third pedal, then it’s probably an issue with the clutch.

Difficulty shifting into reverse

If the clutch is failing, your car will have a hard time shifting into reverse. It will feel difficult to get into reverse, and in some cases it might even be impossible.

How urgent is a Clutch repair?

Clutch repair is very urgent, because the clutch is a vital part of your car’s transmission. When the clutch begins to fail, your car won’t operate as well, and could eventually become inoperable.

A clutch that is worn through will also cause damage to the rest of your car’s transmission, eventually even the engine. It’s a very important repair and should be handled immediately.

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